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5th March 2020 No Comments

About two weeks ago, I was in a kitchen were a pot of blended habaneros was boiling. It was so windy that the windows slammed shut. I realised I was choking and within an hour, I was coughing so badly. The cough has gotten worse over the weeks and I have gotten a few stares from people on the train and someone actually moved away. Knowing…


26th February 2020 No Comments

What are the things you are thankful for? What are your needs, desires or wants at this time? Don’t only ask of God but also thank Him for all He has done,will do and continue to do.  Let this lent season be a time to appreciate Him for who He is in your life.  How many people do you know who are no more? You are…


1st February 2020 No Comments

I am sure like me, some of you reading this are still tucked in bed, under your duvets. 😁 The month of February is known as the third month of winter, and as much as I love the cold seasons, I must admit that it feels pretty cold this morning. It feels like only yesterday we all danced and celebrated with shouting- Happy New Year. What…

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About Me

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Welcome to iSparkleNow blog. My name is Alero, I love to encourage and inspire people who are going through difficult and trying times, letting them know they cannot give up and that they have loads of reasons to keep pushing and keep going.

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