4th November 2020 No Comments

The lockdown in England begins tomorrow. A lot of us right now may not have enough , some are out of work and wondering what next. I know saying not to worry will not bring a solution, but try not to worry so much, rather think of ways to solve the problem. Do not fret so much . I am one who could panic and fret…


1st November 2020 No Comments

Welcome to the eleventh month of the year 2020. Indeed it has been a very stressful and long year. Deaths, heartaches, sadness and so much sorrow all over the world. Yet in this hard and sad times, some people have come out on top. Babies have been born, people have gotten married, houses have been bought, deals made, promotions gotten, I can go on and on….


1st November 2020 No Comments

Walking through Peckham and going past the library, I walk past a man who is speaking loudly on his phone and laughing. I got curious as he was speaking in Yoruba dialect (a language from the west of Nigeria). I also noticed he was on a video call and trying to show the person on the call something beside me as I went past him. I…


31st October 2020 No Comments

The month of October has been all about Mental Health. Caring for ourselves in this season of covid-19, going through lockdowns, losing jobs, losing loved ones, and all that we have had to go thorugh to stay safe has not been easy. Knowing that ones means of income could be lost or is already lost can bring a lot of stress and anxiety, depression, post traumatic…


1st August 2020 No Comments

As we begin a new month, I pray that we are all able to survive and thrive through it. The year has been very tough on us all but, we are still here. Let’s enjoy each day as it comes and trust that God who has kept us will see us through and make our ways prosperous. Welcome to August. Stay Sparkling and keep that glow…

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