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13th November 2017 2 Comments

STORY THREE: Staring out the window, Ada watches as people rush to work. She looks at the clock, its 07.20am. She becomes lost in thought. The cry of a baby brings her back to reality. Destiny is awake. She sighs and remains were she is for a few minutes. His cry becomes louder; she rolls her wheelchair to his cot. She carries him as he stretches…


11th November 2017 No Comments

STORY TWO Watching her parents wave goodbye as the car drives off, Omasan knew it would be best to find a place to hide. She runs to her bedroom and shuts the door. Sadly, the door had no key or lock. Hiding inside the wardrobe, she tries to stay as quiet as she could, she is breathing very hard. After what felt like an eternity, she…


23rd October 2017 No Comments

STORY ONE: “She walks into the bedroom looking for her friend. There’s nobody in the room. As she turns to leave, he walks in and locks the door. What do you think you’re doing? She asks. He pays no attention and walks towards her. She walks backwards till there’s nowhere to go. He grabs her and throws her on the bed. I want you he says….


17th October 2017 No Comments

Watching an elderly couple walking down the high street holding hands, chatting and having a laugh put a smile on my face. I have always admired couples who have close bonds. Growing up I never truly wanted to get married. I had seen so many married people who were sad, men and women who were simply coping in their marriages just to please people around them,(…


7th October 2017 No Comments

On Tuesday, we looked at a condition known as Hydrocephalus which is also known as “water on the brain” Hydrocephalus is a build-up of fluid inside the skull, which can increase pressure and cause damage to the brain. This story has made me really emotional.  Meet a mother who has a blessed daughter with hydrocephalus and how she is coping and trying her best to sparkle…

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