A crazy football fan (I won’t mention her team even though we are on the same team 😁), academically gifted and a versatile woman. Meet our sparkling lady of the week.  Her name is Adebimpe Daniells and this is her story.
Mischievous smile

She was born in a low income home in Lagos Island. She had her struggles but was very determined to be successful. She worked as hard as she could to raise funds and was able to relocate to Canada at a very young age.
She started life in Canada from scratch, no family, no friends. She pushed on and got scholarships to fund her education. It was one of the toughest times of her life but, the hard times made her push even more to achieve her dreams.
In the last ten years, she has volunteered and mentored with different organisations such as, Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario as an Information and Communication Strategist; Ladies Learning Code Programmer and Rutgers Women in Business.
Adebimpe previously worked as an IT analyst with Prudential Financials and DTCC on Wall Street in 2014; she had the opportunity to be on the trading floor of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
Today, Adebimpe is a senior software Developer with a Fortune 6 company in New Jersey. She graduated with a first class in Information Systems from Rutgers University, New Jersey while married with two kids.
Giving her Valedictory speech on behalf of her class on Graduation day
She’s a lifetime member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society (the oldest Honor society in the US)  and Golden Key Honor Society. She received an IT leadership award from New Jersey Society for Information Management (NJSIM) in 2015.
Adebimpe works with UnitedHealth Group were she leverages Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform the Healthcare industry in order to deliver better health outcomes through innovative software and predictive insights.

Adebimpe is working towards becoming a Data Scientist entrepreneur in Nigeria. She believes Nigeria needs to create another economic frontier with Big Data analytics as Data takes over from crude oil.
She is presently working with two wonderful ladies to create a Girls Mentoring Initiative in Nigeria.  A program that will cultivate girls, and also develop their skills and potentials. 
Her focus is on the low income class in the society, by facilitating resources and mentoring the brilliant minds in Science, Technology,  Engineering  and Mathematics (S.T.E.M).
With all of these achievements, Adebimpe still creates time for fun and family. She is very playful and down to earth. Willing to help if and when she can. One cannot be around her and not laugh their heads off. She might appear to be a nerd but is as normal as normal can be.
                    Fun Time
Nerdy Adebimpe
                                         This is Adebimpe Daniells and she Sparkles ✨

My hair and me

People keep asking me how I cope with my natural hair and my answer is always the same, easy.
I have always had coarse hair and even when I had it permed, it was a nightmare as I always ended up with headaches. So my best option was always a hair cut or braids.
I have never been comfortable with weaves and my mum always said I looked horrible in them anyway .
So about two years ago I decided to just grow my hair again and this time stay natural (to be honest, my hair was always mostly  natural as I avoid perms for as long as I could).
At first it was exciting. Then, when it grew to a certain point, I didn’t know what to do with the hair and chopped it off again. Then i learnt that I should never use anything with sulphur on my hair.
It was like magic. My hair got softer, I combed with ease. I’m stuck now to certain hair brands,my favourite for all time – Cantu and also my favourite detangler-Taliah Waajid (the great Detangler).
My favourite and regular oils are – pure coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, Jamaican black castor oil and mint oil. Jamaican black castor oil works magic on my edges. My hair is healthy and lovely to touch.  The softness makes it easy to style.
I love being natural, I love being me and I love to Sparkle 


Meet an amazing woman; a registered nurse, registered midwife and registered Mental Health Nurse. She has qualifications as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner and Drugs and Alcohol Misuse Practitioner. She has worked in the forensic industry and Criminal Justice system. She currently works as a Clinical Nurse Advisor for NHS.
A motivational speaker and published author of two books- “A Well Woman book” and “Journey to Breakthrough” (both available on amazon). She’s also co-authored two books- “My story and my song” and “Inspirational book for women by women”
Christy is a woman of many talents. She has her own perfume brand called “CHAMY” perfume. Her aim is to enhance women’s beauty and create job opportunities.

Her long term goal is to build an affordable and accessible health centre for her local community in Africa were minor illness and injuries can be treated.
Her passion for the health of women got her creating “A Well Woman Foundation” with the aim of educating and equipping women to maintain the best of health.
A Well Woman Foundation have their conference (which they begun in 2013) annually. Speakers come from within the United Kingdom and the United States.
Christy is a radio host at London Hott radio. She is a multi award winner, a community champion and  an entrepreneur  who has devoted her time as well as resources in service to humanity.

    This is Christy Amalu JP and she Sparkles..


WOMAN- all dressed up looking gorgeous and radiant .Completely made up.
MAN- dressed smart and looking dashing. Wearing a sexy perfume.  Both of them good to go and head out for an event.

Underneath all of this charade is a woman in pain. Her health is failing but she tries to carry on like all is well. The man has been diagnosed with cancer and is trying to stay strong.

A lot of people are going through one problem / situation or another. From children, to parents, to job issues to basically anything really.

In all of this ,we have to find a way to keep going, keep pushing and just believe that things will get better . Hoping a new cure or treatment would surface. A new job or new means of income.

We mask our true feelings and emotions. We tend to show people what they want to see or hear and in the process, we may end up missing the solution to our problems.

The reality is usually hidden. Very few of us tell the truth of who we really are or what we are going through. We take off the mask only when we are certain there is no one watching and then let out those silent tears ,the sadness, loneliness, heartbreak.
It is time to take off those masks .Open up and allow yourself learn to heal, love yourself more because no one will love you like you.

I once had my mask on. I went through a lot of pain and stress. I pretended all was well when everything was falling apart. It got to a point I thought I wouldn’t be able to carry on, but I found a way. I turned back to the one person who has always had my back . God……
It has not been an easy ride and I am still a work in progress, but I am definitely a better person and  happier person.
I no longer have a mask on and I am sparkling all the way.

Do not allow anything or anyone stop your Sparkle..

                                                                   Sisi Alero


I sniff and smile, its all done and I am happy, almost dancing.
This is me after cleaning and scrubbing the flat. that amazing smell of bleach …ahhh, blisss.

But guess what, now I am not even allowed to use bleach because I have been having breathing problems. Its just for some time but even though a few days ago I cleaned and scrubbed, I feel like the bathroom and toilet aren’t having that “sparkle”…
I decided to wrap up my nose and clean with bleach and was such a happy bunny until my flatmate came in and asked “is that bleach I smell Alero” ? Gosh
I have wonderful friends around me who love me and want the best for me so now I am officially on a ban from bleach or anything containing bleach. “rollingmyeyes”

A lot of us claim or believe we do not have habits or should I say addictions but that’s really not true. Somehow, unknowingly we get addicted to certain things or routines and find it so hard to change or break off from them. Sometimes our addictions could be for a good cause and sometimes it could be negative.
Cleaning your home, keeping things in order can be good and staying organised is a great thing.
When it becomes extreme , it becomes a problem.

Now, having breathing issues, I realise I have been overdoing it and will try to survive without my dear bleach. I must confess its been very hard but I intend to do my best to try other products and see how it goes.

Do you have an addiction or habit you think is okay or normal and find nothing wrong with it?
Share with us .

Ohh, and if you are a bleach lover like me and have found a way of giving it up, please share with me ..

For now, I guess the air fresheners and oils will do…. Stay happy and keep sparkling.