As I read through the journey of Jesus and His death- a story I have heard and read so many times, I cannot but wonder how He could love a person like me even before I was born centuries later.

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ are truly so amazing that I can understand why some people believe it to be a myth. I mean, imagine someone dying and telling you- “hey girl, I will be awake in three days, don’t worry”. I definitely would think such a person had lost it, or as we say in Nigeria, the person’s head is “turnioniown”

After reading and studying the word of God (the bible), knowing who God truly is and meeting with Him; one will have no reason to doubt that the story of Jesus actually happened.

God loved us so much and was sad when we turned away from Him. He loved us so much that Jesus offered to return us back to our Father, the one who created us in His image and likeness. He(Jesus) did this by giving up His life so that we can once again be close to our creator. To be able to communicate with Him and be under His full protection. 
Have you ever been in a situation where you thought all hope was lost, but when you called on the name of Jesus, everything turned around and you could barely contain yourself? 
Well, I have been in so many situations where Jesus came to my rescue. Do I believe he died and rose again? Yes, I do, 100%. I do because I know Him and I’ve met with Him. The word of God says in John 14:13 – And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” 
My life may not be perfect, but He has been with me every step of the way, and He will always be with me. He has made my life so beautiful, each day since I rededicated my life to Him, I see Him do even more in my life.

Would you like to meet with Him? Why not try Him? Don’t assume He is a myth or that He does not exist without trying Him out.

Call on Him today. Speak to Him, have a conversation. Tell Him you want to have an encounter with Him. There is no harm in trying my Saviour out, I mean, what harm is there right? Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Know and believe He is patiently waiting for you with arms wide open. Always know that no matter how filthy, guilty, abandoned, hopeless, helpless, distraught, depressed, or weighed down. He is waiting to take it all away. Cast all your cares/burden on Him.

As we remember how He was crucified and the reason He came to die for us, let us also remember that with His death came a second chance and brand new life for us.

Jesus is the reason and only reason for this season. Worship Him!

Please read and study Isaiah 53:1-12.


Growing up, my brother and I had to do our chores every morning even though we had people to do it. We took turns in sweeping the house and when it was my turn to wash the car (which we took turns in doing on Sunday mornings), I did it happily. Dad taught us how to check the oil and top it up, check the radiator, change the tyre and most importantly, how to wash the car thoroughly. I cut my hands a couple of times whilst trying to clean the tyre areas thoroughly. I later knew when a car needed an alignment or balancing.

Realistically, most things in life need to be balanced for effectiveness. Your daily meal needs to be balanced ( balanced diet) for you to stay healthy. You need a certain balance in your lifestyle, Be it at work, school, at home or just hanging out with friends and family. 

As I grew older, I realised I also needed a balance in my faith. It wasn’t just about reading or studying God’s word, but also about putting it into action, For there to be a balance, I could not just be a hearer but also be a doer of the word. I had to live the life that Jesus expected of me. To show love and give love to whoever I come in contact with.  I also know I have to pray, fast and read/study to build myself spiritually and intellectually. 

Take a look at Daniel (in the bible), he prayed three times a day without fail, fasted and also read a lot. Not just the word of God, he read other books which was why he was so wise and was able to rise to such a great position in Babylon even though he was a slave.

How balanced would you say you are. Not just physically, but also mentally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. 

Search yourself, find out where it is you are losing balance or, have no balance at all and then work on it until you gain your full balance. If you are not balanced, you cannot fully achieve your potential and will find yourself in a position where you cannot cope or align properly.

As you find your balance, make a note of everything you change or work on in your journey to be fully balanced. You just might be able to help someone else in finding their balance too.

Stay Sparkling ✨ and remember to put a smile on someone’s face. 
Have a lovely weekend.💖


Hello everyone 🙋 . It’s been a while I posted and I must say that I have missed being on here. 

So, as it’s Lent season I thought to throw in something I read from the bible.
As I was studying my bible last night, (I am studying the book of Luke) I read something that got me pondering.

When Jesus was telling the people a parable about trees which did not bring good fruits being cut down, (Luke 3:9). the people asked Him what they should do. His response got me thinking and comparing what he said (Vs9-14) to our lives today.

Luke 3: 11-14*
Jesus said if you have two coats, give one to someone who has none. My question now is, how many suits, shoes, bags, perfumes do you own? How many of them did you wear or use last year? How many of these have you given out to those you know genuinely need them?

When the publicans (tax collectors) asked what they should do, He said to them-“Exact (take) no more than which is appointed you”. ( Corruption did not start today )

You work in a place or are in a position to receive payments. If the actual bill/payment says £70 but you collect £100 instead, what would you call that? You are misusing the power and position given to you. You may be working as a civil servant or in the private sector. Wherever you work, if you are exacting funds from customers/clients/people who have to deal with you, this is the time for you to sit back and think hard about what you’re doing. It’s time for you to change your ways.

Lastly, Jesus responded to the soldiers who wanted to know the right thing to do. He told them not to be violent, not to accuse falsely and most importantly, be content with their wages.

Hmm, They all sound simple and straightforward don’t you think? Imagine if all could be followed. The world would be a better place. Bribery and corruption will become a thing of the past. Crazy killings would not be on the rise. The wrong people would not be sent to prison or killed due to being accused of wrongly/falsely.  

I know in some countries were so many people find it hard to survive, it would be difficult to avoid bribes as some people barely earn enough to survive. If only everyone would work together in love and harmony to make life easier. I am no politician, but if we want any changes, such changes will need to go all the way through in society, From the bottom to the top or vice versa. The end game should be that everyone gets what they should as a citizen of a Nation or country.

How can we change things? For me, I believe it starts with me. One person at a time. I will share what I have with those who don’t have, I will not bear false witness. I will not live a life of corruption. I will always be content with what I have.
Remember, “If anyone who knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them” (James 4:17).

Where would you say you belong from the above? Can we really live a life free of all Jesus has asked? Share your views.

Keep Sparkling and show love to all around you.✨


Have you ever found yourself at a point where you felt the entire world was against you? Did it feel like no one was on your side? The more you prayed, trusted and believed, the worse things got?

That was me on Wednesday evening. I felt like everything was crumbling on top of me and I had absolutely nowhere to hide. 

I did the only thing I could do at that point, I had a chat with God. Not pray, but had a direct conversation with Him. I have so many questions I need Him to answer me. Yes, we grew up hearing we must not ask Him questions. I don’t know about you but I for one, I ask Him. He is my Father after all. What I do not do is doubt His competence or love towards me.

I had a payment to make on the 31st of  January and I knew I did not have it, but I said to the person, you will get it. So my conversation with God was also in regards to this situation. 

Just when I was about to start stressing, I got up and started to read my bible. A few hours later, two different people paid in money. I immediately transferred it and I said to my Father in heaven, I won’t ask anyone. I am waiting for you. Before I went to bed, the balance was sorted. I had to ask the person, “are you sure”? and I got a “YES”.

I could not really sleep because  I was so full of joy. My friend Sylvester always says  “you and your last minute miracle” lol. Honestly, God makes ways for me just at the last minute.

Yesterday (Thursday), a group of amazing people who felt I was worth it (I still don’t know what exactly I did right) gave me a surprise that made me cry from joy. I cried until my eyes were red. That feeling of love, that feeling of appreciation. It can never be bought. I just kept saying “thank you Abba Father” over and over as no other words could come out of my mouth.

I am still passing through my storm at the moment, but one thing is for sure. I am not alone, even though I felt all alone these past weeks. He ( my Father in heaven) has shown to me that He is with me. He hears and sees my silent cries, and heartache. He has sent me helpers through the past weeks that I cannot begin to thank them enough.

I don’t know who I may be speaking to. But know that no matter what storm, or phase you are going through, you are not alone. You can never be alone. There are people who care, love and appreciate you. There is most importantly, our heavenly Father who loves you beyond measure. 

Stand tall and please keep the Sparkle on. I almost lost my Sparkle, but I am determined to keep it glowing.