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Isparklenow came about after I had been in and out of the hospital, going through deep pain and hurt. Then realising that even though I felt my story was the worst ever, there was someone else going through even worse situations than I was. I looked around my family and friends and saw how we all somehow encouraged one another and had overcome one trial to another. I decided to share the love, experiences, motivations, inspirations with everyone I could reach out to. Most importantly to share Gods love with everyone.

The name ‘Isaprklenow’ was chosen after I looked at how much we struggle in life each day. From a mother caring for her child with special needs, making sure her family is well taken care of and still making sure that she still smiles in all she goes through; to a father who is struggling to provide for his family and keeps the smile on. In everything we all go through as human beings, we do our best to sparkle through all of our pains, sadness, frustrations, and anger. I hope that you take the time to go through the posts because I can assure you that there is a post just for you.

You can find posts on health, inspiration, motivation, spirituality, encouragement among other things. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Always stay happy, keep smiling and stay focused. I am Sisi Alero, and I Sparkle.

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About Me

About Me

Hello There!

Welcome to iSparkleNow blog. My name is Alero, I love to encourage and inspire people who are going through difficult and trying times, letting them know they cannot give up and that they have loads of reasons to keep pushing and keep going.

Sisi Alero

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