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4th January 2021 No Comments

A year ago, 4th January 2020, I had a surgery which was to help with the pains and heavy period flow which I suffer due to adenomyosis. Severe pains, blackouts and all the drama that comes with it are all back. I expected it to happen but not so soon.

About seven months post-surgery, I noticed my body was going through all the symptoms and challenges of before with some months more intense than some. The last week of 2020 was horrid for me and on boxing day, I actually got so bad I thought it better not to be alive. Pain can drain you to a point you want to shut down or just disappear.

As this year kicks off, I am hoping to find a permanent solution to this as I intend to live my life and not endure through another year. I shall do my best to bring more awareness to this annoying disease and hope that more can be done to help those of us who suffer from it. Most importantly, we get the needed support and attention in the health sector.

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