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Walking through Peckham and going past the library, I walk past a man who is speaking loudly on his phone and laughing. I got curious as he was speaking in Yoruba dialect (a language from the west of Nigeria). I also noticed he was on a video call and trying to show the person on the call something beside me as I went past him. I got curious and turned to see what was so funny to make him laugh so hard, he also appeared to be perplexed at the same time.

I turned to see what it was that tickled him so much and alas, trying to arrange her bag was an innocent lady who had a prosthetic leg on. It took a few seconds to realise it was her leg he was showing to the person o the phone. I was so furious I shouted at him to stop the video. He walked away shaking his head as I told him he was very rude to have done that. The lady was oblivious to what was going on and continued on her journey.

This got me wondering. Are there people who have never seen a person with a prosthetic leg before? Do people find it funny that a person has lost a part of their limb? I could not find any answers to my questions. I just could not believe I had just seen such an uncouth person, a Nigerian too. A lot of amazing people who wear prosthetic legs or arms have a normal life. Some participate in the Paralympics or are doing great things to make their lives relevant, they do not want pity and should not be treated any different from the next person.

Would you have ever imagined that there were people who would react in such a manner? I kept feeling I should have responded to him in a different way and given him a lecture. What would you have done if you had been in my shoes?

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