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The month of October has been all about Mental Health. Caring for ourselves in this season of covid-19, going through lockdowns, losing jobs, losing loved ones, and all that we have had to go thorugh to stay safe has not been easy.

Knowing that ones means of income could be lost or is already lost can bring a lot of stress and anxiety, depression, post traumatic disorder among other types of mental disorders.

Speaking out about what we are passing through, seeking help, not staying silent about how you feel will go a long way to help.

Reach out to family and friends not just now but all the time, do not assume they are strong and are able to cope through any situation. A lot of these strong people are actually drowning. Watch out for the signs or changes in them. Help them open up to how they really feel.

If you are the one going thorugh it, please no matter what it is, open up. speak up/out. Do not allow it get too bad before admitting to it.

This is the time we have to be our brothers/sisters keeper, show love , share love. Stay in touch.

If you are a person of faith, pray, worship/ sing, don’t lose yourself in that dark void. This also does not mean you should not seek help or speak up. Pray, speak out, seek help.

As we go into a new month with a lockdown coming up in England, life looking bleak for some. I pray that we do not get lost or drown in all the negatives happening around us. Stay safe, stay positive, reach out , speak up. Support one another financially or in anyway you can to help the next person. Remember your mental health is as important as the breath you take. Do not let anything stop your sparkle.

Sisi Alero

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