Trying to hold on even when the mind and body is drained. : my adeno pain vs faith.

10th July 2020 No Comments

The entire week has been a journey for me. Somehow, the pain in my tummy for some reason decided it was time to return, and return it did in full force. I have had six months of a certain kind of bliss and almost forgot I could feel this sort of pain again .

What then was the reason for the surgery I asked myself . I’ve lived with this pain for decades and yesterday I found myself asking God so many questions.

I am a woman of faith, but being human (especially when one goes through such horrendous pain every month) , I needed to understand why I had to suffer like this,why hasn’t He healed me yet? Do I give up and just agree with the doctors to have a hysterectomy done? Trust me ,the pain I went through on Wednesday, if there was no pandemic I would have been at Accident and Emergency asking for my womb to be taken out (it was that bad). Having to keep the faith and trusting that I’m going to be better hasn’t been an easy thing. There are days I doubt myself and feel like I have made wrong decisions regarding not listening to the doctors , and there are days I am thankful for the bible that encourages me and guides me in what I believe in.

Alas, after some medications were prescribed (one was a very strong one) ,I began to feel a bit better by Thursday evening and I could feel my entire body begin to relax and then was glad my panic thinking of a hysterectomy was just what It had been, “PANIC” .

There are a lot of women out there going through so much pain each month due to one form of tummy trouble or the other. A lot of them still have no diagnosis on what is wrong with them which is awful.

I am hoping that soon women will have a better solution to their tummy troubles and not be ashamed to speak out when they need to about it I have been insulted and mocked for speaking out about my awful periods and crazy pains adenomyosis brings. Recently, someone sent an anonymous message saying i should stop my posts about my health if I was sure I wanted to find a husband.

I decided not to waste my time responding, but l want women who go through what I go through ,or something similar to love themselves and please, please speak out when you need to. Do not allow anyone make you feel less or sad about who you are. Stay Sparkling and keep smiling.

Have a beautiful and restful weekend. ?⭐

Sisi Alero

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