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I have not been able to watch the news for a few days, it just feels like all that I see is death, horrid news each day. It makes me wonder if as humans, we actually value life, or even love genuinely because if we truly loved, we would not easily take the life of another.

What could a person do that he/she has to pay with their life? Why take the law into your own hands? What exactly are we teaching the next generation? So many questions and I still have no answers to most of them.

I was having a chat the other day with an elderly man, and he said to me ‘please if you can, do not have kids. I cannot begin to imagine the sort of future they would have’. I am sure he just cannot wrap his head around what he is seeing going on in the world today. He thought the war was bad, but seeing people killing themselves for no reason to him is worse than the war.

Coming from a background where I grew up with the word of God- The Bible, and having the understanding that I should love my neighbour just as I love myself, It saddens me greatly to see that even people who study the word and are supposed to be people of faith see nothing wrong with the evil and atrocities going on. They even cheer when something bad happens. This makes me wonder why we claim to be of faith but yet live the ways of the world.

As believers of the gospel and of Jesus Christ, we seem to have blended into the ways of the world. We have changed for our environment and it has become difficult to differentiate a person who is a follower of Christ to a regular non-believer. I say ‘follower of Christ’ because for me I don’t follow a religion but Jesus Christ.

The word of Gods says that heaven and earth will pass away but His words will never pass away – Luke 21:33. So why do we read or study the word and yet not practice accordingly? Has the world tempted and drawn us deep into it that we cannot find a way out of it? Our love for material things, to be famous, rich, and all that comes with it makes us sometimes to put not just our faith aside, but also our hearts tend to turn totally away from the things that are right and true.

How can we bring about a change in the society we live in as people of faith? I do not have all the answers but I feel going back to the simple things like caring for the next person, not being selfish, watching out for your neighbours and friends and even someone you do not know. The little things always go a very long way. Let’s play our part by being the light of the world that we truly are.

Surviving in the world we live in today and following the ways of Christ at the same time is not so easy, I agree. Just remember that life is like a stage and we are all playing our part, a role and just like in soaps, one day your part is killed off. This means your days on stage will be over. What would you like to be remembered by? Where do you think you will be heading to after you live this earth, your stage? What have you taught your children? Are they worthy to be called our future generation X just to make it in the world and yet are lacking in the word?

Let’s make a difference, let’s bring a change starting with our families. Let people see you or your kids and ask if you are believers, let them say there is something about you. When you have the fear and spirit of God in you, it can never be missed. Be the change we need.

As we ponder on how we intend to make a difference in the world one family at a time, let’s remember to always put a smile on someone’s face one day at a time. Stay Sparkling and do have an amazing weekend.

Sisi Alero

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