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Nina was born in Cameroon, the western part of Africa before relocating with her parents at the age of one. She grew up with a low self-esteem which was caused by her been bullied at school. She went on to graduate with a first-class in International Business Studies and then decided to become an entrepreneur and work for herself. She has now been self-employed for almost twenty (20) years now. She works from home with her eight(8) month old baby and her four(4) year old. Read her interview below.

SAB: Why did you go into business with Forever Living Product? What was it that made you realise this was it for you business-wise?
NINA: I am extremely passionate about health and wellness. I used to be very overweight and at my biggest, I was a size 26. I decided to lead a more healthy and balanced lifestyle which got me more intrigued about aloe vera and when the business opportunity was given to me, I grabbed it with both hands.
Wanting to exercise my passion and also make some extra income at the same time, little did I know that it would develop into a serious business venture for me. So coming from a self-employed background which was a traditional business. and also becoming a mum at the same time made things very stressful for me with the traditional business overheads. So what I saw in the forever opportunity was a way that I could be a businesswoman and still be a great mum and obviously at the same time save on those incredible childcare costs.

SAB: Tell us about what you do and why you think or feel it is a good work from home business.
NINA: As I explained above, I work for myself in the health and wellness area. I feel this is an incredible work from home (WFH) business simply because health and wellness are important and I believe people will always want to take care of themselves. In such an immense time as we are in, it is even more prevalent in terms of people wanting to look after their health. Being able to work from home, help people with their health and wellness, and at the same time put some extra cash into their pocket if they want to is a no brainer.
It has been a great privilege to work with a company that has been around for over forty (40) years. They have a long-standing, successful and stable history which meant a great deal to me when I first looked into the business opportunity.

SAB: As an Adenowarrior, I know the drama that comes with pelvic pains, fibroids and all things to do with the tummy. Will you be willing to share your story as a way to encourage other women who are also going through any of these but are scared not knowing what the future holds?
NINA: So my experience with living with fibroids is one that I was oblivious about. I wasn’t aware of fibroids or anything about it until I came across them on my tummy. I noticed that when I lay down, there would be a protruding shape on my tummy, so I decided to go see my doctor, after some scans I was informed that I had fibroids. I didnt have any pain with the fibroids at any point. I did have trouble conceiving, but no trouble carrying my babies after the operation to have large ones removed. My doctor advised to have the large ones removed and leave the small ones. They are still there but have shrunk now due to my lifestyle changes, also no pain after birth.
It was really important for me to do my research which I did to understand more about what it was and how I could live my life more positively and be able to maximise my health and wellness living with fibroids. My encouragement to women going through this first, look at your lifestyle, your health and wellness and see how you can improve and just adapt in order to equip your body so that you can embrace it positively. Secondly, know the situation you’re in because obviously everybody is slightly different in terms of fibroids and where they are located, the size(s) and so on.
So, stay positive and simply take control as best as you can, do not put the responsibility of your health and wellness fully into the hands of someone else’s kind of opinion or judgement.


SAB:  What are your hobbies? What do you do when you are not working so hard?
NINA: I like to go on holidays. With my company, I get two paid holidays per year. I love to book in some family holidays in between that but I absolutely love taking holidays and trips I also love to read, going to the spa, and I love shopping.

 SAB: Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I see myself at a position where I can fully supporting lots of ground-level projects in more underprivileged countries. I also see myself with an extremely prevalent global business because my business is currently global, and is growing and helping a lot more people business-wise.

 SAB: If you had to show one act of kindness, what would it be?
NINA: I would equip somebody with the right knowledge I can pass on to them.

 SAB: What do you have to say to those reading this, especially to those who would love to work from home (WFH)?
NINA: You can contact or connect with me via my social media, let’s have a chat even if you feel this is not for you, you can still take a look at some information and then make a final decision for yourself.

 SAB: Is there anything you would like to add to this? 
NINA: If you’re passionate about helping people then we need to talk. You can visit my online shop: and my website is:




My name is Nina Lemtir and I can’t help but Sparkle.

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