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The theme for this years’ Mental Health Awareness week is ‘kindness’. 18-24 MAY 2020.

People often wonder how Adenomyosis sufferers say they go through mental health issues. When a person goes through anxiety, stress and depression among other things, they are going through mental health.

Let me explain using myself. When my body goes through pain, the pain that builds up in my insides manifests on my outside- from my head to my toes. I have had pain run through me in over two decades not knowing exactly why my monthly menstrual pain was so different from other women around me. In all this time, I learnt to cope, handle, survive day to day activities, and endure with the pain that shot through me every single month.

Adenomyosis in lay man’s term is when the cells/ lining of the uterus exist or grow into the uterine wall. Due to this, I get really bad cramps/ pain in my lower back, pelvic pain, heavy bleeding, headaches, high temperature, vomiting, fatigue, pain in my left leg that I can barely walk. Due to the heavy periods which stay for longer than usual, I am anaemic.

There are days I am so frustrated and weighed down by it that I mentally shut down. I always say that words can never describe the pain.

The one thing that helps manage the pain outside of regular pain management (medications) is LOVE.

The love shown or given to me by those around me when I cannot cope or deal with the stress has kept me going. My body got so used to going tight and tensed up as a means of handling/dealing with the intense pain and spasm that runs through me that I did not know how to relax. Most importantly, my faith and trust in God gives me strength and reasons to stay positive and to believe that it will only get better eventually.

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As more awareness is spread for mental health, I would like to ask that we reach out to people suffering from Adenomyosis, Endometriosis, Fibroids and all things tummy. Let them know they are loved. Show them kindness, trust me, they will appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Also, reach out to anyone you know going through any form of mental health and show some love and kindness. Remind them they still have their sparkle glowing.

Be kind and show kindness as we do all we can to keep our Sparkle glowing. ⭐

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