HELLO MAY! – Still in lockdown, but still staying focused. #covid19

1st May 2020 No Comments

Hello there,

Welcome to the month of May, another month with us still indoors and wondering when this pandemic will come to an end.

I don’t know about you, but I have gotten to a point I really want to return to my normal routine, though I bet one week into our regular daily routine, we would start to complain. (Typical human way of processing things I guess).

I just want to say that as we begin a new journey into a new month, let’s spend the next 31 days working towards our original plans for the year 2020. Yes, we are on lockdown, and yes, a lot of us have been unable to do what we normally do. Do not allow this season stop you. Draw up a plan and start to work towards it. Begin an online course if you have to, have something to show for this time/season. Stay focused on your plans and dreams, I know I am with mine and I am not letting anything get in the way of my dreams and plans for the year.

Delays may slow it down, but determination takes you to your final destination. What have you decided to do? Are you going to allow the year go on doing nothing by just waiting for the pandemic to end before taking a bold step? Or are you going to get yourself out of that comfortable and safe place you have created for yourself right now? Take the risks you have to take, push as hard as you can and make things work for you.

This is the month of my birth, the month of Grace. I pray that Father God sees us through as we take the necessary steps we need to make a difference in our lives.

My dear month of May, please be good to us.

Stay safe and stay blessed.

Sisi Alero

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