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I woke up yesterday with someone on my mind. I had planned to ring her up but got engrossed with course work and totally forgot.

Later in the afternoon, she sends me a message on whatsapp, I felt so guilty and called her immediately. I was shocked to find out she had been ill for almost a month. She had been so ill that her speech was affected. As we spoke, I could not stop the tears from pouring.

We find ourselves at this time worrying about different issues in life and never stop to thank God for being alive, for being able to do things normally and with ease. We forget that we are here today but can be gone tomorrow.

After we prayed and got off the phone, I spent time in worship and thanking God for her life, my life, and everyone around me.

Yes, Covid19 is taking lives, but do not forget other sicknesses and diseases are also doing same. They did not go on break. We have to take care of ourselves and most importantly, trust God to keep us, shield us, protect us and guard us. Ask for His mercies daily, never forget that everything is vanity in the end.

Do good to all around you ; help those you can help and support during this lock down. Put a smile on someone’s face and reach out to family and friends .

Using this time to pray for all who are ill and for those who have lost a loved one. Stay strong, keep believing and keep your Sparkle glowing. ???

Sisi Alero

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