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Looking out the window and watching people jogging and walking their dogs, I ask myself when I would be 100%. Been in pain for a week and having severe period pains in the last three days, I have barely moved around much.

Adenomyosis leaves me in so much pain and discomfort I sometimes wonder what it would be like not having any pain at all.

Last night, the pain was so bad I had to use a salonpas pain relief patch to help with the pain on my lower back and use my hot water bottle. I was once told to be grateful I get to have my periods every month as there are women who do not have regular periods and thus have problems conceiving. As much as I am indeed grateful to have periods on a regular, I would be over the moon if I did not have to live with the pain that comes with it.

As we celebrate Good Friday, the death of our Saviour Jesus Christ; His death which gave us new life, a second chance; I pray for everyone and especially women who have one illness or the other; from Adenomyosis, Endometriosis, Fibroids, and all things tummy. I also pray for everyone who lost a loved one during this time, stay strong. May God’s great protection see us all through this pandemic. Do not allow this pandemic stop you from celebrating the reason for this season. Keep shining and keep your Sparkle glowing. ?

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