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About two weeks ago, I was in a kitchen were a pot of blended habaneros was boiling. It was so windy that the windows slammed shut.

I realised I was choking and within an hour, I was coughing so badly. The cough has gotten worse over the weeks and I have gotten a few stares from people on the train and someone actually moved away.

Knowing the exact reason I am coughing makes it funny but also brings the realisation of how scared people are of COVID-19. (COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus. The disease was discovered in China in December 2019 and has since spread around the world. – Tech and Science dictionary). Some symptoms of Covid-19 include – dry cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, or fever. It can progress into pneumonia or multi-organ failure.

Due to my health history of pain and heavy bleeding, I automatically got into the system of always wanting to be clean at all times, so I always have wipes, hand sanitiser, pocket tissues and hand cream with me at all times; as well as my backup sanitary pads and bags. I wash my hands and face (as I rarely wear makeup, it makes it easy to wash my face) at every given opportunity. I definitely try not to touch my face, which sometimes I do unknowingly.

With this outbreak of Covid-19, I have now decided to be even more attentive to washing my hands and face, going out only when necessary and I make sure even in my home there are back up antibacterial handwash and sprays around the house (especially when it comes to doorknobs, taps, handles and toilet handle).

What steps have you taken to keep yourself and family members safe during this time?

Just remember that panicking or worrying about it will not be helpful. Keep washing your hands and face if and when possible, use a hand sanitiser when you are unable to wash your hands, Minimum time to get hands washed and clean I believe is 20seconds, or as was told a few days ago, sing happy birthday twice while washing your hands.

Keep your Sparkle glowing, I know I am.

Why not share your methods on how you are keeping safe during this time in which the entire world is fighting a battle against #COVID-19.

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