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The 25th of January 2020 was a day filled with excitement and also a reality check on our lives as women, as a person and as individuals as Coach Laura took us through correct postures we need for the year.

@sweetmrsjohn (Elizabeth Ola John) with @lauraliles and myself – @sisialero Picture taken after the #nowomanleftbehind event on the 25th of January 2020.

Laura Liles is a Spiritual teacher and Life coach. She is the founder of House Of Her, a Psychologist-in-training and an award-winning entrepreneur. She is passionate about supporting women to remove limiting beliefs and enhance their self-confidence.

One of the things she taught that caught my attention was when she mentioned ‘no one cares about our opinions’, so instead to take full responsibility for our lives. What we see in other people is also in us. We just have to believe that we have it in us and then take action.

I totally loved it when a lady volunteered to come out without knowing what was in store. Laura asked some brutal but honest questions about the life of this lady and her responses gained her so many eggs she could barely hold on to them. These eggs represented her denial, unforgiveness, negativity among other things.

I could see myself in those situations and saw how I too reacted to things in the wrong way. I truly wish I could play it all for you to see as you read this.

This was an event that cannot be forgotten in a hurry. If you do not want to be left behind and would like to advance your life and get the right tools, empowerment and knowledge you need to make it this year then why not connect with this God-fearing and loving Coach- Laura Liles, I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Coach Laura Liles @lauraliles and myself. @sisialero

Are you as a woman ready to unleash your highest self and fulfill your dreams in 2020? Then why not join the House of Her team?


Join Laura Liles on Instagram: @lauraliles or go to the House of Her website:

Meet my amazing coach- Laura Liles, doesn’t she just Sparkle? ?
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