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As I signed the consent form (once again), I began to wonder how long I could carry on with this. It has been over two decades living with this pain and it has taken forever to know exactly what was wrong.

A lot of women live in pain from their periods and have no idea why. No one ever told me there was a disease called Adenomyosis or Endometriosis until I was almost 40. I have had period pains since the age of 13, and it has gotten worse as I got older.

Heavy bleeding and then been extremely anemic, I am usually almost always tired and sleepy, I get dizzy and a few times I have blacked out.

Heavy bleeding during periods is not something to be ignored. As a woman, if you suffer from heavy bleeding ( changing your pad every 1-2 hours), then you need to get checked as soon as possible. Do not take it lightly, the earlier you know what is wrong, the better your chances of getting the right and best treatment now before it gets worse.

I have lived in pain for so long, it has almost become a way of life. The pain from having Adenomyosis and fibroids cannot be expressed properly in words.

Heavy period is also known as ‘Menorrhagia’, it can sometimes come with period pain or bleeding in between your periods.

As a lady/woman, learn to understand your body and how it functions. Know what you eat that triggers pain, how your period works and how pain occurs during your period. There are different treatments for different period /tummy issues; once you know what exactly is wrong, then your doctor can let you know what next to do and what to take to ease the bleeding and pain.

For me, I have just had yet another surgery as the pain was unbearable and bleeding for 40days. I am now slowly healing and trusting that this time, this will help with the pain and reduce the bleeding troubles.

Whatever it is you may be going through, I hope that you get better soon. Trust that God will see you through and that He is always holding your hands and walking with you through each process.

Next week we will look at how Adenomyosis and fibroids affect your mental and physical well-being. Till then, take good care of your beautiful self and keep your Sparkle glowing no matter what.

Sisi Alero

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