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I was talking with a few men recently and they told me how irritating it was to listen to women talk about her period.

I believe every man should learn more about periods as they would one day have kids. Been able to speak with your child or ward about periods should not be just for mothers alone.

In the last three weeks, I have been on my period. It is heavy and excruciatingly painful, I try my best to carry on as I have to live like this for years now. Knowing that there are different diseases that affect a woman’s period can help parents support their daughters or ward, and also find the best solution to help control the pain and discomforts that come with it.

As I type this, I am in so much pain and still waiting for my medications to kick in, which sometimes does not happen. Living in pain is no joke. I suffer from Adenomyosis and it is a nightmare.

Adenomyosis is when the endometrial tissue that lines the uterus grows into the uterus wall. It can cause excruciating painful periods. So far, there has not been any known cause for this condition and the only cure is to have a hysterectomy done which, I am not considering.

With the pain comes nausea, severe pain in my lower abdomen, left leg, my back and I cannot lie down due to pain. I use hot water bottles, patches and anything I feel could reduce the pain but more often than none, pain carries on.

I have had a few surgeries to help but to no avail. As I have gotten older, the pain has gotten worse. Hoping in the coming weeks I can get a treatment that would reduce the pain.

If as a female you are having pains you cannot explain, please go for a checkup. I only fully knew what it was in 2015 and was verified when I had an MRI done. A lot of women only find out what is wrong after 15-17 years of pain.

I will update you on my journey in the coming weeks. For now, I am going to go refill my hot water bottle and pray the pain reduces real soon.

Keeping my Sparkle on, no matter what. #sisialero
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