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Today, we will be meeting a super mother and her super- awesome son. She shares how she has sparkled through childbirth and knowing her son would come out different, her love and trust for and in God. Keep reading to share in her world.

Thank you, Yami for bringing Noah into our world and caring for him and coming on SAB to share his story. Can you tell us about Noah and his birth?
My name is Yamileth Johnson, mother to my superhuman son, Noah. Yamileth is a female name which in Arabic means Beautiful.

Noah was born on Jan 27, 2018. During my pregnancy, he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease and upon his arrival, it was also confirmed that he suffered from Pulmonary Hypertension (lung disease), Multicystic Disease and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. All of these conditions sound very serious and they are but if you see or get to know Noah, it’s hard to believe that he suffers from all of these things because he is such a happy child.

 Knowing he was premature and also born with down syndrome, how did this make you feel at first, how did you turn around from your first reaction?
It was very scary and heartbreaking because I didn’t know how bad his health was and what was to come with all of it. I remember crying myself to sleep every night and during the day masking my pain. I was hurting so much until the day I decided to tell God how I felt. How hurt I was that he would put this on me and then, I accepted it and told him that I trusted his decision to give me this child and that I would live from that point on with gratitude instead of saying “why me”. After that day, I looked forward to life with Noah.

You call Noah ‘supernoah’ can you tell us how this name came about? Tell us some more about Noah and how it is now that he is older.
I considered Noah a miracle baby because I became pregnant with him two years after having a partial hysterectomy. There was only a 1% chance that I could get pregnant so I didn’t imagine that would happen. I was also informed prior to my Down Syndrome diagnosis that I had pre-cancer cells that could threaten my pregnancy and cause me to have a miscarriage. There were so many reasons for him not to be here and he is, so to me that makes him a superhero. He was a superhero in the womb and he continues to be a superhero on earth because he overcomes all obstacles with love and a smile. Noah’s brother, Khayn has written a book titled ‘SuperNoah’ which tells Noah’s story.

BOOK CAN BE BOUGHT ON AMAZON. written by Noah’s brother- Khayn Johnson.

What has been your experience so far bringing up Noah and caring for your family?
It’s been tough. I closed my spa business a year after Noah was born and my husband and I separated months after his birth. I felt like I was losing everything but the only thing I cared about really losing was Noah. I felt that everything else that I lost was not meant for me to have, God had better things in store for me.


Caring for a child with special needs takes a super mother and a tight support system to enable the child to get all the love and care needed. How would you describe your support system? 
My support system is Noah’s older brothers. They help me with both Noah and my 9-year-old son, DJ.  My two older sons have shown me what love and family are all about. 

Can you tell us what you do to keep a balanced mind and body in all of this? Do you take time to rest and enjoy yourself? Do you ensure you are not stretched and overworked so you are in the right state mentally and physically? 
It’s difficult to keep a balanced mind and body but I try by taking some time during the week to leave the house and get some pampering done. I also try to do lunch or dinner with friends from time to time. I am still mentally and physically tired but I am now able to give myself a break during the day to just do nothing. It’s not easy but I have to do it for at least 30 minutes each day.

If someone else going through a similar situation or a health crisis comes to you for advice, what would you say to such a person?
Have faith and focus on the good things and not the bad. If we are not positive, how can we give our babies hope?

What message do you have to that mother who is tired, weary and overstretched right now?
Pray. God will give you the strength to get through it.

Noah appears to be always happy from his pictures, describe him in a few words.
Noah is a Happy, funny, sweet, loving, aware and smart child.

What are his hobbies and what are your hobbies? 
Noah loves music, Baby Shark, Baby First, and basketball games and musical therapy. My hobbies have become Noah’s hobbies.

To support Noah, you can make a donation by following the link above.

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