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‘Yes, He will’ is a poem written by a mother who is sparkling through all she is going through taking care of two children diagnosed with autism. The poem describes some of her struggles and triumphs.

I hope that as you read along, you are able to understand why we should show love to all around us, and extra love to those with special needs.

This is a poem by Adesola Adesokan, and she Sparkles?


I have a child said to have special needs. The state struggles with aiming high, the community questions your parenting style. For your child to have turned out this way, you don’t know, do you?

You do not know what it means to fight fear and embrace faith. You do not know what it means to stay strong when your body is crying “give up!”.

You do not know what it means to have to stay firm with your child when your heart yells to be tender with him.

You do not know what it means to be determined to have lofty expectations in situations when statistics seem to say aim low.

You do not know what it means to become an expert because you have researched so much into possibilities.

That it is possible,

For a child who seems so far behind to become the top of the class.

For a child who has been written off to become the one is winning all.

For a child who did not talk to become the one who tells it all.

Oh! the battle seems so hard with hopelessness and criticisms staring at me. But I refuse to give in, I refuse to give up.

I choose to rise like an edifice higher and higher so that this child of mine can stand on my shoulder, to see that indeed the world is for the taking; and to go on to take the world despite the said limitations.

©Adesola adesokan

Sisi Alero

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