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Have you ever found yourself at a point where making a decision was so difficult it weighed you down? Well, I know for sure I have. I also have been avoiding making a certain decision for a couple of years now that could make me much better health-wise and I would definitely start living as I should.

In days or times such as this, family, friends and loved ones tend to give us the best loving advise they can give. Sometimes, they are reasonable, while some advice you hear, you wonder if they truly have good thoughts or plans towards you.

After spending the entire Sunday(yesterday) in bed due to pain( I get this off and on), I have come to the conclusion that It is time to put an end to living in pain. Adenomyosis is no joke and for those who keep saying they want to look like me, be careful what you wish for. My shoes hurt way more than you could bear.

On a brighter note, I am thankful I get to be alive to see a brand new day, and I pray that this week brings with it loads of reasons to be even more grateful to be alive. In good and in bad time, I will always be thankful and praise my God and my creator.

Here’s wishing you a fabulous Monday and a week filled with not just new but good surprises. Don’t forget to put a smile on someone,s face each day.

Remember to stay Sparkling and keep your smile on.

Sisi Alero

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