It has been a while I posted or did any interviews. So many things have happened and I got to a point I felt I may not be able to carry on with the blog. I must admit that I missed the interviews, reading and responding to questions, plus all the excitement of getting to meet new people. So today I decided not to feel defeated and get myself back on track.

Just as my amazing cousin and my friend turned sister( Eturuvie Erebor and Elizabeth John) have encouraged and pushed me; plus me holding on to the scriptures and speaking it into my life daily and building my faith in God; I want to also encourage someone today. If there is something that has broken you or stopped you on your tracks, do not give up. Yes, you will feel weighed down, hopeless and helpless for a while. Just know that it is only a phase and how you handle that phase is what determines how quickly you can get yourself out of it.

Don’t worry if you can get back up immediately, as long as you do not intend to give up totally and believe in yourself, then you will be fine. Make sure you have positive people around you at all times. If I could rise above all my trials, then I am sure you can.

Remember, at every stage in life comes trials so, when one ends another begins. Just stand firm, believe in who you are and what you want to achieve and you will surely get there.

Here’s to an amazing week. Stay Sparkling and keep putting a smile on someones face daily.