It has been a very hectic year for me, and I must say I have missed having my interviews and all the drama that goes with the blog. I had so much planned for 2019, health issues and some personal matters got in the way. 

Today, as we celebrate our second year of still being here and doing our best to create a footprint, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has made Sisi Alero’s blog a reality. For everyone who has been featured and to those who will be featured in the future: thank you. 

To all our readers, to those who comment, share and like our page, thank you. 

Sisi Alero’s blog will be going on a short break as a lot of work is been done to ensure you get a better blog and also more consistency. We will be back bigger and better in a few weeks.

Thank you all for your support. Sisi Alero loves you.
Keep smiling and keep that Sparkle on.✨

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