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CONTENT WARNING: Please note that there are pictures that you may find disturbing.

Last week we read the story of a beautiful lady, Jynnie who was mauled by five of her grandmother’s bull mastiff dogs(to read Part one follow the link – Today, we conclude on her amazing and touching story. Remember, this is a true story and not made up. We must never give up no matter how many times we are pulled down. Enjoy as you read. 

JYNNIE’S STORY: I mentioned that I was mauled by my grandmothers’ dogs. What you do not know is that after I was attacked, my grandmother asked me and my sister to lie to the hospital and police that there had been only two dogs and I was breaking up a fight. She appeared to be more worried about what would happen to her dogs than her granddaughter. After my attack, the dogs were quarantined and ordered to be put down. My grandmother sued me to court for the loss of her dogs.

After an eight-year-long trial, my grandmother lost the case and was to pay me the sum of $184,000(One hundred and eighty-four thousand dollars), rather than pay me, she claimed bankruptcy and moved out of the country. Though I may not have received any money, I am thankful and grateful to be alive as there are no price tags on a person’s life.

After going into depression, and turning to drugs to ease the pain I was going through, I decided to come out from hiding. I began to motivate and encourage myself. I  really wanted to wear a pair of shorts, a skirt or even a bikini. I just wanted to be able to feel pretty and comfortable in my own skin. One day, I woke up and got dressed for school. My mum saw me and marveled as I had on a pair of shorts. She asked me if I was sure I was ready, and I replied with a strong ‘YES’ and left for school. Ever since the day I made that decision, I have felt confident in my own skin. I feel beautiful to worry about what anyone thinks about me or my scars. I was finally at peace with my scars and nothing could take that from me. I got off the drugs and started to live a healthy life.

If you are reading this, and you are someone with a hidden scar, stop hiding. I want you to know that your scars are beautiful, they show the strength of a fighter. Everything happens for a reason and God chose this as your path to show the world your courage.

A few years ago while on vacation, I was in a bikini by the poolside chatting to some ladies. one of the ladies happened to have noticed my scar and said: “oh my God, what happened to you?” I then told them my story and made them know I was comfortable and confident with it. I let them know I did not need pity and I do not allow negative talks get me down. After I finished talking, one of the ladies came to me, she had on a big-long t-shirt and pants as her swimming costume in the hot sun. She told me she was ashamed of her body because she had stretch marks and cellulite. She had always hidden her body and would not wear shorts, dresses or bikinis. She was inspired by my story and the following day came to the poolside in a bikini and borrowed a pair of shorts from one of her girlfriends. She went out dancing that night in the borrowed shorts with her friends.  She had taken her first step of breaking out of hiding. Please, know that no matter the type of scar you have, seen or unseen, you do not need to hide behind it. Love who you are the way you are. When you love yourself, then others can love you too.

WHAT I DO FOR FUN: I love the outdoor life. From the age of seven (7), my dad taught me how to dirt bike and so, every summer when I get the chance, I go dirt biking. I also love to go boating, swimming, fishing and just relaxing around the fire with family and friends. I also love to go to karaoke and sing for fun. 

Though I got mauled by dogs, it did not stop me from loving animals. I have three dogs- A labrador, a red-nosed pit bull and a chihuahua. I love spending time with my wonderful fiance, and gorgeous stepson. We do a lot of activities together. I listen to meditation in my free time and focus on being mindful.

WORK: At the moment, I do personal training and I  actually did a fitness show called My Best Self. In the winter time, I do snow removal and in the summertime I do landscaping. I am writing a book about my life, I plan to make a difference in the world with my story.

MY FAITH: I am a woman of faith and I believe in God. My family was not the church type, but my sister and I used to go to church with a family down the street, it was always a wonderful experience. It is God who saw me through all I have been through and is with me even now. I called out for God to save me during the attack. I would not have survived the attack if not for God, 

My name is Jynnie Ashley Kent, and this is my Sparkling story.
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