Tuesday, 20 November 2018


Recently, I read somewhere that if you want to be happy, never ever have children. This made me laugh. Yes, there are people who feel overwhelmed after having children and some find it really difficult coping (which is no fault of theirs), but this does not mean everyone will go through the same process if they decide to have children.

For me personally, I love children and want to always be around them. I love the way they smell, their laughter, their happy and sad times. I love to sing and play with them. I mean, the thought of a child makes me smile. I definitely will be totally delirious when I do have a child, that's for sure.

What are the things that bring out the best in you? What gets you to that euphoric state? When was the last time you felt satisfaction, good cheer? If you cannot remember, then you have some work to do on yourself. Happiness brings with it excitement and merriment. Your happiness is important and should come first in all you do. This is because when you are happy, it enhances you in achieving your desired dreams and visions, it makes you more productive. You can also pass your positive vibe/ emotion to the next person. 

Start your day being happy. Smile, encourage yourself. I am in a bit of pain as I type this but, I am thinking happy thoughts, staying positive and spreading happiness to those around me and getting same back from them. Put away whatever or whoever may have upset or offended you, don't dwell on such things rather have positive thoughts and stay focused.

Stay Sparkling and be Happy. #happiness #wellbeing #blogger #love



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