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“Life is not fair”- This is a term a lot of us use when things do not go as planned. We grow up with so many plans and the path we would like to take to attain success but alas, years later we look back and see we are far off course from those plans and also on a totally different path.

Agreed, life really is not fair to a lot of us but, we must learn to use what we have and where we find ourselves work for us and attain our dreams/visions. 
If like me, you have ever dreamt of owning your own properties (or whatever dreams you had for yourself), and you feel where you are at the moment is no way close to you achieving those dreams, know that it does not mean you can’t achieve them. Listen, I tell myself that I may never own an estate of my own like I dreamt but, I will definitely own properties, I refuse to allow my dreams and plans to die. You too must not let your dreams die.

Whatever your dream/ vision may be, focus on it and plan towards it. Rome, as they say, was not built in a day. Well, nothing great happens in a day. Do not look at other people who are successful in areas of your dream and think “I can’t be like them, I am not good enough”. They too have a story, they also went through their journey before arriving at where you find them now. Do not envy anyone but rather, admire. Tell yourself one day, you too will be admired by someone else. This though can only be achieved through hard work and dedication.

  • Create a dream/vision board for yourself and place it where it will be visible.
  • Write your dreams/visions in stages so that they are not difficult to attain/ achieve (you could break them into monthly or quarterly stages so you have a target to meet).
  • Have a look at it daily and absorb it, let it speak to you and inspire you. 
  • Touch each vision/plan and picture yourself there.
  • Remind yourself why you have to carry on whenever you feel like you want to give up. ( this happens with me, especially when I feel weighed down).
  •  Encourage yourself by reading your daily affirmations.
Are you ready and willing to turn your dreams/visions into your reality??
Stay focused and stay Sparkling.✨
Sisi Alero

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    Thank you Sis. x

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