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Olayinka is a wife, and mother of two wonderful girls. She is an entrepreneur, trainer, and coach who is passionate about intentional parenting. She is the secretary and faculty member at Domint Institute, a ministry that trains believers with biblical principles that will equip them for their purpose in life.
She is the founder of Believers Mamas Hub whose mission is to see children blossom in the glory of God through emphasising on the significant role of a believing mother. When she is not working, she loves to spend time with her family, going out and reading.

Olayinka founded Believers Mamas Hub challenge, and the purpose of this challenge is to emphasise the importance of encouraging one another as she has seen lots of women not being supportive of each other, but rather compete against one another. 
As women, we need to show love to single mothers, especially young mothers(teenagers).

A lot of times, we hear the familiar voices of women who talk negatively about single mothers and teenage mothers. As women, we should be caring, supportive, be there for one another, however, this is not usually the case. We see women competing with one another and bringing one another down. 

You need to realise that single parents (mothers especially) are already going through a very tough time, passing insults and name calling will definitely not help or change the situation. Remember, no one prays to be in such a situation, but when it happens, they just have to make the best out of it.
Believers Mamas Hub is, therefore, running a challenge which begins to and runs through to the end of November. Encouraging Her. Encourage a mother in whatever way you can; in cash or materially, whatever you can afford will be appreciated.

To follow up, you can follow Olayinka on Facebook and on Instagram: @believersmamashub using the hashtag – #bmhencourageher
              This is Olayinka Thomas and I Sparkle as I encourage other women.
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