No matter what the situation is or how bad you are pushed, learn to control your temper. Some people when angry or provoked, will let out secrets because they want to get even or say very horrible things about the person they are upset with.  When they are calm, they feel terrible and want to […]


Have you ever felt like you are drowning in all that you are going through and think this time around I doubt I will make it out? I understand that feeling totally. I went to bed last night feeling that way. A million and one things happening in one day and I thought to myself, […]


Recently, I read somewhere that if you want to be happy, never ever have children. This made me laugh. Yes, there are people who feel overwhelmed after having children and some find it really difficult coping (which is no fault of theirs), but this does not mean everyone will go through the same process if […]


We sometimes work and work and hardly ever have the time to relax and simply enjoy ourselves. It’s either we are too tired after all the work, or too busy to create time to just relax.Work hard, in fact, work very hard but, please always create time for rest, for relaxation or a little bit […]


“Life is not fair”- This is a term a lot of us use when things do not go as planned. We grow up with so many plans and the path we would like to take to attain success but alas, years later we look back and see we are far off course from those plans […]


Good Morning and welcome to another super amazing week. I trust that you had a splendid weekend and enough time to relax? As you begin a new week, I pray that you go into it with new ideas, wisdom, and understanding. Do not ignore the amazing ideas you are inspired with, get an idea notepad […]


Olayinka is a wife, and mother of two wonderful girls. She is an entrepreneur, trainer, and coach who is passionate about intentional parenting. She is the secretary and faculty member at Domint Institute, a ministry that trains believers with biblical principles that will equip them for their purpose in life. She is the founder of Believers Mamas […]


Welcome to the eleventh month of the year 2018. It’s NOVEMBER people💃🕺 I am grateful to be alive to see this brand new day that I am certain will be loaded with amazing benefits, I hope you are as excited as I am💃. There may be some going through very rough times. I know some […]