Tuesday, 30 October 2018


We all have that one thing we would really like to do but keep holding back. Holding back because we do not want to fail, or get defeated, or hear the NO reply

What we need to realise is that if we keep holding back, we will never know if we would pass, be victorious or get the YES reply.

Back in my Diploma days whilst studying Accounting; We had a lecturer everyone was scared of. I needed to go to him to ask for my course results as my name was missing on the board and I panicked. A friend of mine said to me, just walk in and ask, he will either say get out or ask you to wait. I followed his advise and walked in. I explained why I  had come and he asked me to leave. I smiled and left but I did not feel bad. I realised as I walked out that he was human just like me. He later put up a newly updated result on the board and I passed but I never got scared of him again after that. That particular act taught me to be bold and determined and to ask for whatever I want. The answer will always be a Yes or a No, but it does not stop me from pushing even when it is a No. 

Let's not allow FEAR to stop us from reaching our goals or dreams. The fear of failure hinders our success. Stay strong and Keep sparkling.✨


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