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Do all you can to make each day a success for you. Do not beat yourself up if things do not go as you planned. We make big plans for what we intend to do in the following weeks, months, and even our future believing we have planned enough for things to go exactly as we want.
When we make plans, we do not put into consideration if we would wake up the next day or be alive to fulfill those dreams. This is because somehow, we trust and believe that God will keep us alive each day, we rarely ever worry about it, do we?
So, we must not be anxious over any situation or circumstance. We should have the same trust and believe that He (God) will see us through. All we need to do is make our request known to Him and leave the rest for Him to handle.
As you go through today, thank Him for the fact that you are alive and well. If you are not 100% fit, thank Him still as some are in the hospital. No matter what you are going through, always remember that someone else is in a worse position. In all things, give thanks.
Sisi Alero

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