Tuesday, 25 September 2018


When I go shopping, I never leave home without my shopping list. Whenever I go without a list, most times I return with items I did not plan to get. Going shopping, be it for groceries, clothing, jewelry or anything else is a lot of fun when there is a lot of cash to be spent.
My list is never complete without certain items. My most important items are my cleaning items, my candles, and air fresheners.

When I go to God in prayer, there are days I tell myself I will not ask Him(God) for anything but just thank Him, or it could just be worship, no asking, no questions.

So many times we go to our Father and God with our shopping list. Even when we say we will not ask of anything. After a few minutes of praising Him, we chip in the first 10 items on our list then carry on worshiping and then another 5- 10 items again from our list.

Let's sometimes put aside our wants and desires, come to Him in humility, adoration, and thankfulness. When we do, He will answer even that which you have not asked because He knows as your Father, you have come to Him genuinely with no hidden agenda of asking Him for any item on your shopping list. (Psalm 37:4).

This week, let us create time to be thankful, adore and praise our God and creator. Most importantly, put a smile on someone's face today and through this week. 
Stay positive no matter what and keep Sparkling.✨

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