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We all want and desire to have sound health. What does it mean to have sound health? The Greek word “HUGIAINO” means to have sound health, to be well, to be safe, sound and whole. A person is made up of -The body, which is the physical aspect, what we can see and touch (Gen 1:26); While the immaterial aspects are (what cannot be seen or touched) soul, spirit, intellect, mind, conscience and so on.
To have sound health, we have to be mindful of what we feed into our system. Just as a phone is downloaded with apps, music, contact lists, pictures, things we read and so forth; so also is our body. What we download into us- e.g Food, drinks; what we watch, what we listen to, what we read, people we communicate with; all of these affect the outcome of our health.
For instance, feeding your mind with negative thoughts from discussions with someone, something you watch, read or see, all have a great effect and impact on you. You need to have a mind filled with positivity. You have to stay positive and be positive at all times. 
The food you eat is also of great importance. You have to first care for the body itself. Your body is what houses every other immaterial aspect of your being. It needs to be fit, so exercise even if it’s for a few minutes a day to pump up the heart. Eat and drink what you know is good for you, for you to stay strong and healthy.
As a woman of Faith, I believe that to complete the cycle of having a sound health, I also need to take care of my soul and spirit. The soul for me is my conscience, intellect, mind, all of those things that makes me feel alive and real. (Gen 2:7) The spirit is the one that Jesus sent to be with us, The Comforter; after He ascended to heaven. (Acts 1:5-8). The Holy Spirit works with the body and soul. When you feed the spirit and soul by studying God’s word- The bible and believe in it, it nourishes you and supports your physical body. A combination Of Gods’ word and good food to the body, the spirit, and soul thereby gives sound health.
What are you feeding into your body? What did you feed yourself this morning? “I agree that it is wonderful to get healed when you are sick, but it is more wonderful to live in divine health” – Gloria Copeland.
Take your health seriously and create time to check yourself and also feed yourself with what you need and not what you want. In all of this most importantly, Stay Sparkling‚ú®
Sisi Alero

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