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Affirmation is the process of proclaiming something. Positive statements to help build a person and change a negative mindset or way of thinking.
By repeating affirmations regularly and believing, you can start to make positive changes and see yourself for who you really are and what you are worth.
Growing up in Nigeria, we were taught different beliefs that sort of grew on us. For instance, when your left palm gets very itchy, it means expenses are coming and right-hand means you should expect money; If you kicked your left foot against anything when going out to visit someone, it meant the person was not home. A very crucial one is that with the ‘Ember months. (months of September – December) It is believed that it comes with  lots of deaths and accidents. Due to this belief, there will be a lot of prayers for protection and against death from this month of September. I am sure as you read, you can think of many more of such beliefs that you grew up with and have accepted subconsciously.
As a woman of faith and follower of Christ, through the years learning more about the word of God, such things now make me laugh. God has created us in His image and likeness and therefore has given to us power. The bible says life and death are in the tongue.,therefore speak that which you want for yourself and your life. Speak life, speak goodness, good health, happiness, joy, laughter daily as you wake up and even through the day. Speak with faith and believing it is so.

When we say we have faith, it means we strongly believe. So when we fully commit to believing that death comes in the ‘Ember months, that’s putting in a whole lot of faith, which I am sure is bigger than a mustard seed. We give it life and it manifests.
We need to learn to ‘unlearn’ the negatives and wrong teachings/beliefs we were taught to enable us to stand firm and believe in ourselves and in our abilities.
Having a daily affirmation is one of the best ways to change our mindset and way of thinking, to drive out those negative thoughts and build yourself making positive changes. (I actually get my affirmations from studying the word-BIBLE)
Here are some of my affirmations you can try out and remember to stay Sparkling‚ú®
1) I am thankful for today.
2) I am thankful for being alive.
3) I am thankful every single part of me functions/is working.
4) I am made for exploits.
5) I am beautifully/handsomely and wonderfully made.
6) I am full of strength.
7) I am in complete health.
8) My today will be filled with possibilities.
9) I am ready to put a smile on someone’s face.
10) I will overcome any challenge that comes my way today.

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