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Last year there was a crazy battle in which some African countries cooked the best jollof rice. 
I remember a friend and I had Ghanian jollof rice and saying, okay this is not jollof rice.??
The thing is, we have all grown up with different flavours and our taste buds have just gotten so used to what it’s been having for decades.
The Senegalese also have their own version and I must say, Africans sure know how to cook.
In Australia last year, at the Auburn Town Hall, Auburn, NSW; there was a jollof war competition in which my very own homegirl, Poroye, participated. if you know her very well, you’d know when it comes to cooking, she should be called a chef. Yes, I said so.? 
So, Nigerian jollof won the competition held in Australia and took the trophy home.

The Nigerian cooks at the Jollof wars: TOPE ADEBOYEJO and POROYE BENSON ADEWUSI

What war will be on this Summer? Knowing that we already won the best jersey for the 2018 World Cup, might just cover up for 2018.?
Stay Sparkling and do have an amazing weekend.

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