Sometimes, we are torn and confused in deciding on what decision to make in certain areas of our lives. 
It could be changing jobs, moving house or moving from a city, walking out of a toxic relationship, starting a new relationship, starting your own business; the list can be endless.
You see people you know doing so well, smiling and looking happy and you wonder if you are the only one that’s sad and confused on what to do.
Trust me, a lot of people are going through the same decision-making process.  They too have their ups and downs. No one has a perfect life. Problems and decision making are just different for each person.
Just focus on what you believe will make you happy and put you in a position that is better than the one you are in right now.
I as a believer, I always go to God first for wisdom, to help in my decision making and trust that what I am about to do is the right one and the best one for me
I am about to open a new door and I feel it’s going to bring a lot of sparkles my way.
What door will you be opening soon? Stay sparkling as you make that decision.

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