9th July 2018 2 Comments
I do hope we all had a lovely weekend and feel refreshed for the new week?
As you have begun a new week, what plans have you made to make the week awesome for you?
What dream, vision or goal have you been wanting to put into reality?
Like I keep saying, stop procrastinating and do it now.
You have got to believe in yourself. I struggled with starting anything because of what I was going through. Luckily I have friends around me who will never let me settle for less. 
I have people who believe in me and tell me I can do even better.
Who do you have around you? What does your support system look like? Are they people who want the best for you and not want to see you and your talents go to waste?
If you have amazing and positive minded people around you, no matter how annoying they can be sometimes, (trust me I know ) hold on tightly to them. True friends are hard to find.
As we focus on a new week with determination and smiles, let us ensure we live our dreams daily.
Here’s to an awesome week. Stay Sparkling. 

Sisi Alero

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  • ETURUVIE EREBOR 10th July 2018 at 3:11 PM


  • ISparkle 11th July 2018 at 1:21 AM

    Thank you Sis??

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