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If you can dream it and believe it, you can surely bring it to life.
Meet a businessman who is working hard to bring his dreams to reality.
You can succeed in anything you believe in.
Stay Sparkling as you read.

S.A.B: Can you tell give us a summary of yourself? Who is Daniel Babs Akpaida?

My name is Daniel Babs Akpaida Sr. I am first a son of God, a businessman, and a family man. I come from Edo State – Nigeria. I was born and raised in Lagos and partly in Portharcourt.
 I am a Masters Degree holder in Business Administration. I am Chief Executive of three thriving companies in Property and Real Estate, Haulage/Logistics and Information Technology. With one step at a time, I am simply tracing my visions every day that I wake.
S.A.B: Tell us about your business and what took you into this line? Has it always been a dream or you went into it accidentally?

I have always had the strong desire to work for myself even when I was taking up paid employment, I deliberately served on those jobs to gain experience before launching out on my own and for five good years I enjoyed doing that, gaining knowledge of the corporate world and its modus operandi even as a fresh graduate. This strategy is very important for anyone who sees his/her self as a future employer of labor.
I consider myself to be an empire builder, that is why I do not address myself as a logistics professional, or a real estate developer or even as an I.T personnel even though I currently wear those hats today. I would rather be addressed as a businessman because of the versatility of my personality.
S.A.B:  How many businesses do you have or run? 
 I currently run three companies in three major sectors of the economy.
S.A.B: What is it that drives/pushes you to achieve your goals/dreams?
 My Visions drives me out daily even drives me in a silly way sometimes in the pursuit of great heights, plus I have built love for what I do – closing those deals, floating new companies, birthing new ideas and of course making more money and giving back to those I consider not so blessed with certain abilities and opportunities within our society and beyond.
These are my addictions.
S.A.B: What would you advise those who would like to have their own business? do you believe business for everyone?
 I certainly do not believe business is for everyone, maybe due to our unique temperaments or different levels of abilities, I am a strong advocate for finding JOY and FULFILLMENT in whatever we do. Some persons are simply wired to help and they will find fulfillment only in doing so. However if you strongly feel the calling of entrepreneurship be prepared to go the long haul and to keep developing yourself, never to chicken out even when your world is falling apart rather, keep finding innovative ways and stratagems to keep forging ahead because real down times will always come but those are the true yardsticks to prove your call and of course your launching pads to greater heights. Be resilient.
S.A.B:  For those who are unemployed but are determined and would like to have a job, would you encourage them to start something for themselves rather than just wait for an employer to select them for a position that may never come?
The idle mind is the devils’ workshop. A wise man once said you are more likely to stumble on success while walking, but no one stumbles on anything when sitting down. No matter your certifications, please get busy at something, seek out problems and seek out solutions while you keep sight of your dream job.
S.A.B: Finally, what do you have to say to those reading?
There is a God factor in everything we do. Be diligent, be excellent, be tenacious, be dynamic, be smart, be intelligent, be all you can be but please leave a vacuum for the supernatural in bringing to speedy reality all your aspirations.
Please know, the only reward for hard work is more work. (Laughs out loud). Be ready.
Upland Realtors Ltd. – 
EasyHaul Logistics Ltd. –
Dantity Fortunes Ltd. –
Tel: +234 701 333 9996
Address: #7 Parakou Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja – Nigeria.
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  • ETURUVIE EREBOR 6th July 2018 at 5:34 PM

    Great interview.

  • Sisi Alero 7th July 2018 at 12:18 AM

    Thank you Sis. Very refreshing too.

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