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As we have entered the seventh month of the year, I can imagine how some of us have begun to panic. The year has gone so quickly with so much still not achieved.

Rather than look at a glass that’s half empty, why not look at one that’s half full.
You are alive, you have achieved one or two goals on your list. You have not given up and even more, you have people who you love and who love you right back. Not everyone can say that of themselves.
For me, I still have so much to achieve. I have hit a lot of closed doors but I refuse to give up.
It has been a rough road and some days I can’t tell if I can carry on, but I remind myself of where I want to be. I count my blessings and what I have been able to achieve in the midst of all the hardship and rough patches.
I tell myself, I can do it, I can make it. Nothing can and will stop me.
As my blog turned One last month, it brought me a lot of joy to see that I was able to survive the first year without giving up. 
As I strive to attain my goals, dreams, and visions, I trust that you too will keep pushing forward and believe in yourself and in all you do.
My affirmation to myself:

I am a woman of faith; a follower of Christ.
I walk the walk and talk the talk because Christ made it so.
 I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13
Sisi Alero will stay Sparkling no matter what. Sisi Alero’s Blog (S.A.B) is here to stay.

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Welcome to iSparkleNow blog. My name is Alero, I love to encourage and inspire people who are going through difficult and trying times, letting them know they cannot give up and that they have loads of reasons to keep pushing and keep going.

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