Monday, 30 July 2018


A mother's love is like no other. She protects and shields her children and family from harm and harsh conditions. Just as such love has been taught and shown to us by our mother(s), (or who stood in the place of a mother in your life) so also should we show and share such love to our neighbours and all around us.
Show love this week by putting a smile on someone's face. You can always start with me.😉

Here's to an awesome week.

Thursday, 26 July 2018


Meet a pharmacist whose hobby is fast becoming a pleasurable business for him. Relax, stay sparkling, and enjoy as you read.

My name is Abiola. I have a degree in Pharmaceutics- Bsc (Hons) from Dublin Institute of Technology, and in Healthcare Informatics from University College, Dublin.
I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for twelve years in various positions. I worked at Merck pharmaceuticals for ten years and presently, I work in a world leading pharmaceutical plant as a QA chemist in Dublin. I totally love my job, but when I am not working, I enjoy entertaining family and friends.

One day, I bought a Weber barbecue machine which was pretty expensive, and my wife (Dolapo Sanusi-Ola) asked me to justify the reason for spending so much on it and to let her know how I intended to make the money back as she along with my pastor (Pastor Tunde Adebayo-Oke), and a few friends had been asking me to turn my passion for grilling into a business for a while. So, I decided to go into the business and also to make back my money for the Weber machine.😄 The rest, as they say, is history.

I love hosting people, and I love to grill and experiment with different types of food. So it was a good mix for me- hosting and making barbecues for my guests. At the time I decided to take it to the next level as a business, there were very few restaurants or places you could go to for good barbecue meals.
I believe the barbecue business can be a good side or full-time business for anyone who would like to go into it, but the person must have a passion for it. Especially because the food preparation time can be time-consuming.

Starting a barbecue business is pretty easy but can be expensive too. I will say this; every business can be lucrative once you find your niche and target market, but in the food business, things such as referrals, food quality, food presentation goes a long way. 
The first step to take if you want to go into food business is have training in Food and Safety, Food catering, HACCP, Fire Safety and Fire Management, Health and Safety, Manual Handling; and most importantly, have your shop/premises registered with your Local Environment Health Officer.
You will also need to get a Food/ Product/ Public Liability Insurance for the business, and then register the business with Revenue/HRM.
 I am a member of the Irish Barbecue Association and the World Barbecue Network.

I worked very hard to build my name for myself. I have worked at literally every major food festival in Ireland and Northern Ireland. I will soon be grilling at Europes biggest barbecue festival in Dublin called "The Big Grill Festival"
Some of the festivals I have worked at - Africa Day, Dublin 2015-2018, Longford Food Festival, International Food Festival, Dublin. Dublin Food Market at Merrion square, Rave Market Food festival, Camden Street, Dublin. Taste of Wicklow, Wicklow. Red Cup Summer Barbecue, Dublin and Belfast. I have done Private barbecue events in Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States, plus many more public events.

For people who look down on such a profession,  I would like them to know that grilling is an art and a skill. Any profession that anyone is passionate about should be celebrated.

Follow Abiola on Instagram for more information on bookings and events around Ireland:

Monday, 23 July 2018


At the beginning of this month of July, we had our goals and the targets we wanted to pursue in this month. Some of us may have hit our target, while some are almost rounding up. Maybe you haven't been able to achieve that yet. 
It does not matter what stage you are at today. Just know this- DO NOT GIVE UP, KEEP PUSHING.

I am pushing hard to make my dreams become a reality. It has not been an easy month, but in the end, I know I will be proud of myself when all falls into place. 
Stick with me on the journey to success and let's keep pressing on. 

Begin today with a positive mindset, spread your wings, be happy and don't forget to smile.😃 
Be more determined and have more fire inside of you. Stay Sparkling⭐

Friday, 20 July 2018


Last year there was a crazy battle in which some African countries cooked the best jollof rice. 
I remember a friend and I had Ghanian jollof rice and saying, okay this is not jollof rice.😆😆

The thing is, we have all grown up with different flavours and our taste buds have just gotten so used to what it's been having for decades.

The Senegalese also have their own version and I must say, Africans sure know how to cook.

In Australia last year, at the Auburn Town Hall, Auburn, NSW; there was a jollof war competition in which my very own homegirl, Poroye, participated. if you know her very well, you'd know when it comes to cooking, she should be called a chef. Yes, I said so.😄 

So, Nigerian jollof won the competition held in Australia and took the trophy home.

The Nigerian cooks at the Jollof wars: TOPE ADEBOYEJO and POROYE BENSON ADEWUSI

What war will be on this Summer? Knowing that we already won the best jersey for the 2018 World Cup, might just cover up for 2018.😜

Stay Sparkling and do have an amazing weekend.

Thursday, 19 July 2018


Meet a woman who had a dream of growing in her professional career but ended up as a businesswoman and life coach.

My name is Sherifat and I am a wife and mother who lives in Lagos State, Nigeria.
I studied Business Administration and had a dream of working either in the Telecoms sector or the Oil and Gas sector after school. Luckily I got a job in telecoms. I was elated that my dream had become a reality. But, alas, I had not thought about when I start having children.

It was a huge struggle juggling the home front with work, but I pushed as I loved my job and enjoyed what I did; even though me not been able to spend enough time with the kids and watch them grow was tearing at my heart.

a few years later, I was invited to a seminar being held by an international Sweedish company. At this time I was already a manager but was looking for a Plan B; a part-time means of earning an income.

As I listened to the speaker, I asked myself, what exactly I was doing there. I was definitely not ready to go into network marketing. Then the speaker asked; Who would like to look good like him. At this point, I was ready to head out of the place, but just then he asked another question. Who would like to make money and travel in and out of Nigeria two or three times a year? My ears popped up at this point and I became alert. In the end, I became a member. I now had my Plan B; a means of earning extra income on the side. 

A month after I started my side business, I lost my job. I was deflated but also so glad I had agreed to join in the network marketing business. Soon, I had turned it into a full-time business. I was dealing with cosmetic products. 

As I began to sell these products, I realised I was having a reaction and could not tell what I was reacting to. It affected my face and body. This got me in a panic. How do I sell cosmetic products with this face? There was a day I was trying to sell my products and one of the people I was speaking to said to me to go sort out my face first before coming to market my product. My husband also jokingly asked me who I had offended.😄😄

At this point, I decided to actually use the products seriously. Followed all instructions and dedicated time to it. After the first two weeks, I was being asked what I was using. Another two weeks and my entire face and body were fully cleared.

People started recommending people to me and I started to explain about the product and before long, was training others on the product and getting people to join in just as I did.

Today, I am not in a career I had dreamt about, but I am glad I decided to go into business, and I am loving every minute of it. Yes, there are times that it gets stressful, but I enjoy what I do so it works for me.

Do not give up when your dreams don't become your reality. Look for something to do to earn an income. There is always something to do.

Now, I am not just a businesswoman, but also an entrepreneur and a  life-changing coach.
You can contact Sherifat for more information on +2348033173554

Meet Sherifat Aliu. Doesn't she just SPARKLE?

Friday, 13 July 2018


A  few people have reached out and asked me to write up on farming. Since I have no story on farming at the moment, I have reposted a story from August last year on farming.

I do hope you enjoy as you read and please don't forget to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE...

Stay Sparkling and enjoy a great weekend.

Born into a family of five children in Otukpo, Benue State in Nigeria; James at the age of seven moved to Lagos to live with his aunt who was married to an Airforce officer.

This is his story:

Growing up was tough and rough. I struggled until I was admitted into the University of Agriculture,  Markudi, Nigeria to study Electrical Electronics Engineering.

I had always wanted to study Information Technology growing up, so after school, I had a formal training in computer repairs,  networking and other Information technology related courses and training.

I got employed in an IT (Information Technology) firm and worked with the firm for two years before starting my own private IT firm.

During my study at the University Of Agriculture, I saw so many shortcomings in our Nigerian system in regards to agriculture. From the constant increase in the price of food to the increase in population growth in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, I was certain that in the near future,  we might not be able to produce enough food to meet the demand of the population.

My childhood idea of owning a farm came alive and with what I had learned in the agricultural sector I decided to start my own farm called LIFEWAY FARMS.

Our major goal is to provide quality and affordable food to every home in Nigeria and Africa at large and to reduce the poverty level in our Nation using modern agricultural practices.

Lifeway Farms started in early 2014 by buying cassava farms that have been cultivated already,  wait for it to get mature,  harvest and convert them to garri (cassava flakes).

The outcome was very encouraging so, the next farming season, we got about ten hectares of land on a long lease and decided to cultivate cassava,  maize and soya beans.  We wanted high yield so we had to settle for the improved variety of these crops.

We encountered challenges that year and we lost almost everything we invested in the farm; but we had agreed earlier when we started that we would not stop, no matter the challenges we faced.

I also wanted to start a starch processing plant but after meeting so many obstacles in terms of finances to start up, I decided to start up with what I believed we could handle.

We set up a modern garri processing plant that can produce two tonnes in eight hours. It is also automated (automatic fryer),

With that on ground,  we needed farms and a cluster of farmers that could produce and sell cassava worth over eighty million naira (N80,000,000)(£170,213)  every year to enable us to run the plant.

We have therefore created a ready market for the local farmers, and those into animal husbandry now have a stable place of getting the supply of feed for their animals.

Our major challenge at the moment is getting our products to the market, especially during raining seasons. The roads get so bad and so many trucks either refuse to move or charge double the regular amount.

We also started a plantain plantation with two hundred thousand naira (N200,000)(£425.5) which today, is worth over two million naira (N2,000,000)(£4,255)

Though it's been really challenging, it has also been rewarding.  The beauty of farming is that you can start with as little as ten thousand naira (N10,000)(£21.28). All you need is alot of patience and loads of dedication.

Farming gives you enough time to do other things and still have a life.

In my case, I still run a firm that sells and installs solar panels and inverters. I still have time for my family (my beautiful wife and two kids).

Our next phase is to go into full processing and packaging of farm produce.

Benue State is so blessed that the land produces virtually all farm crops. I love my State and I am proudly Nigerian.

My name is James Oyale Okoh, and I am sparkling through my dreams turned reality.

PLEASE NOTE: EXCHANGE RATE AS AT 03/08/17 -- N470 - £1

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


Sometimes, we are torn and confused in deciding on what decision to make in certain areas of our lives. 
It could be changing jobs, moving house or moving from a city, walking out of a toxic relationship, starting a new relationship, starting your own business; the list can be endless.

You see people you know doing so well, smiling and looking happy and you wonder if you are the only one that's sad and confused on what to do.

Trust me, a lot of people are going through the same decision-making process.  They too have their ups and downs. No one has a perfect life. Problems and decision making are just different for each person.

Just focus on what you believe will make you happy and put you in a position that is better than the one you are in right now.

I as a believer, I always go to God first for wisdom, to help in my decision making and trust that what I am about to do is the right one and the best one for me

I am about to open a new door and I feel it's going to bring a lot of sparkles my way.

What door will you be opening soon? Stay sparkling as you make that decision.

Monday, 9 July 2018


I do hope we all had a lovely weekend and feel refreshed for the new week?
As you have begun a new week, what plans have you made to make the week awesome for you?
What dream, vision or goal have you been wanting to put into reality?
Like I keep saying, stop procrastinating and do it now.

You have got to believe in yourself. I struggled with starting anything because of what I was going through. Luckily I have friends around me who will never let me settle for less. 
I have people who believe in me and tell me I can do even better.

Who do you have around you? What does your support system look like? Are they people who want the best for you and not want to see you and your talents go to waste?

If you have amazing and positive minded people around you, no matter how annoying they can be sometimes, (trust me I know ) hold on tightly to them. True friends are hard to find.

As we focus on a new week with determination and smiles, let us ensure we live our dreams daily.

Here's to an awesome week. Stay Sparkling. 

Friday, 6 July 2018


If you can dream it and believe it, you can surely bring it to life.
Meet a businessman who is working hard to bring his dreams to reality.
You can succeed in anything you believe in.
Stay Sparkling as you read.

S.A.B: Can you tell give us a summary of yourself? Who is Daniel Babs Akpaida?

My name is Daniel Babs Akpaida Sr. I am first a son of God, a businessman, and a family man. I come from Edo State - Nigeria. I was born and raised in Lagos and partly in Portharcourt.

 I am a Masters Degree holder in Business Administration. I am Chief Executive of three thriving companies in Property and Real Estate, Haulage/Logistics and Information Technology. With one step at a time, I am simply tracing my visions every day that I wake.

S.A.B: Tell us about your business and what took you into this line? Has it always been a dream or you went into it accidentally?

I have always had the strong desire to work for myself even when I was taking up paid employment, I deliberately served on those jobs to gain experience before launching out on my own and for five good years I enjoyed doing that, gaining knowledge of the corporate world and its modus operandi even as a fresh graduate. This strategy is very important for anyone who sees his/her self as a future employer of labor.
I consider myself to be an empire builder, that is why I do not address myself as a logistics professional, or a real estate developer or even as an I.T personnel even though I currently wear those hats today. I would rather be addressed as a businessman because of the versatility of my personality.

S.A.B:  How many businesses do you have or run? 
 I currently run three companies in three major sectors of the economy.

S.A.B: What is it that drives/pushes you to achieve your goals/dreams?
 My Visions drives me out daily even drives me in a silly way sometimes in the pursuit of great heights, plus I have built love for what I do - closing those deals, floating new companies, birthing new ideas and of course making more money and giving back to those I consider not so blessed with certain abilities and opportunities within our society and beyond.
These are my addictions.

S.A.B: What would you advise those who would like to have their own business? do you believe business for everyone?
 I certainly do not believe business is for everyone, maybe due to our unique temperaments or different levels of abilities, I am a strong advocate for finding JOY and FULFILLMENT in whatever we do. Some persons are simply wired to help and they will find fulfillment only in doing so. However if you strongly feel the calling of entrepreneurship be prepared to go the long haul and to keep developing yourself, never to chicken out even when your world is falling apart rather, keep finding innovative ways and stratagems to keep forging ahead because real down times will always come but those are the true yardsticks to prove your call and of course your launching pads to greater heights. Be resilient.

S.A.B:  For those who are unemployed but are determined and would like to have a job, would you encourage them to start something for themselves rather than just wait for an employer to select them for a position that may never come?
The idle mind is the devils' workshop. A wise man once said you are more likely to stumble on success while walking, but no one stumbles on anything when sitting down. No matter your certifications, please get busy at something, seek out problems and seek out solutions while you keep sight of your dream job.

S.A.B: Finally, what do you have to say to those reading?
There is a God factor in everything we do. Be diligent, be excellent, be tenacious, be dynamic, be smart, be intelligent, be all you can be but please leave a vacuum for the supernatural in bringing to speedy reality all your aspirations.
Please know, the only reward for hard work is more work. (Laughs out loud). Be ready.

Upland Realtors Ltd. - 

EasyHaul Logistics Ltd. -

Dantity Fortunes

Tel: +234 701 333 9996

Address: #7 Parakou Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja - Nigeria.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


As we have entered the seventh month of the year, I can imagine how some of us have begun to panic. The year has gone so quickly with so much still not achieved.

Rather than look at a glass that's half empty, why not look at one that's half full.
You are alive, you have achieved one or two goals on your list. You have not given up and even more, you have people who you love and who love you right back. Not everyone can say that of themselves.

For me, I still have so much to achieve. I have hit a lot of closed doors but I refuse to give up.
It has been a rough road and some days I can't tell if I can carry on, but I remind myself of where I want to be. I count my blessings and what I have been able to achieve in the midst of all the hardship and rough patches.
I tell myself, I can do it, I can make it. Nothing can and will stop me.

As my blog turned One last month, it brought me a lot of joy to see that I was able to survive the first year without giving up. 

As I strive to attain my goals, dreams, and visions, I trust that you too will keep pushing forward and believe in yourself and in all you do.

My affirmation to myself:

I am a woman of faith; a follower of Christ.
I walk the walk and talk the talk because Christ made it so.
 I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13

Sisi Alero will stay Sparkling no matter what. Sisi Alero's Blog (S.A.B) is here to stay.



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