A mother’s love is like no other. She protects and shields her children and family from harm and harsh conditions. Just as such love has been taught and shown to us by our mother(s), (or who stood in the place of a mother in your life) so also should we show and share such love to our neighbours and all around us.
Show love this week by putting a smile on someone’s face. You can always start with me.πŸ˜‰

Here’s to an awesome week.


Meet a pharmacist whose hobby is fast becoming a pleasurable business for him. Relax, stay sparkling, and enjoy as you read.
My name is Abiola. I have a degree in Pharmaceutics- Bsc (Hons) from Dublin Institute of Technology, and in Healthcare Informatics from University College, Dublin.
I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for twelve years in various positions. I worked at Merck pharmaceuticals for ten years and presently, I work in a world leading pharmaceutical plant as a QA chemist in Dublin. I totally love my job, but when I am not working, I enjoy entertaining family and friends.
One day, I bought a Weber barbecue machine which was pretty expensive, and my wife (Dolapo Sanusi-Ola) asked me to justify the reason for spending so much on it and to let her know how I intended to make the money back as she along with my pastor (Pastor Tunde Adebayo-Oke), and a few friends had been asking me to turn my passion for grilling into a business for a while. So, I decided to go into the business and also to make back my money for the Weber machine.πŸ˜„ The rest, as they say, is history.
I love hosting people, and I love to grill and experiment with different types of food. So it was a good mix for me- hosting and making barbecues for my guests. At the time I decided to take it to the next level as a business, there were very few restaurants or places you could go to for good barbecue meals.
I believe the barbecue business can be a good side or full-time business for anyone who would like to go into it, but the person must have a passion for it. Especially because the food preparation time can be time-consuming.
Starting a barbecue business is pretty easy but can be expensive too. I will say this; every business can be lucrative once you find your niche and target market, but in the food business, things such as referrals, food quality, food presentation goes a long way. 
The first step to take if you want to go into food business is have training in Food and Safety, Food catering, HACCP, Fire Safety and Fire Management, Health and Safety, Manual Handling; and most importantly, have your shop/premises registered with your Local Environment Health Officer.
You will also need to get a Food/ Product/ Public Liability Insurance for the business, and then register the business with Revenue/HRM.
 I am a member of the Irish Barbecue Association and the World Barbecue Network.
I worked very hard to build my name for myself. I have worked at literally every major food festival in Ireland and Northern Ireland. I will soon be grilling at Europes biggest barbecue festival in Dublin called “The Big Grill Festival”
Some of the festivals I have worked at – Africa Day, Dublin 2015-2018, Longford Food Festival, International Food Festival, Dublin. Dublin Food Market at Merrion square, Rave Market Food festival, Camden Street, Dublin. Taste of Wicklow, Wicklow. Red Cup Summer Barbecue, Dublin and Belfast. I have done Private barbecue events in Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States, plus many more public events.
For people who look down on such a profession,  I would like them to know that grilling is an art and a skill. Any profession that anyone is passionate about should be celebrated.
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At the beginning of this month of July, we had our goals and the targets we wanted to pursue in this month. Some of us may have hit our target, while some are almost rounding up. Maybe you haven’t been able to achieve that yet. 
It does not matter what stage you are at today. Just know this- DO NOT GIVE UP, KEEP PUSHING.
I am pushing hard to make my dreams become a reality. It has not been an easy month, but in the end, I know I will be proud of myself when all falls into place. 
Stick with me on the journey to success and let’s keep pressing on. 
Begin today with a positive mindset, spread your wings, be happy and don’t forget to smile.πŸ˜ƒ 
Be more determined and have more fire inside of you. Stay Sparkling⭐


Last year there was a crazy battle in which some African countries cooked the best jollof rice. 
I remember a friend and I had Ghanian jollof rice and saying, okay this is not jollof rice.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
The thing is, we have all grown up with different flavours and our taste buds have just gotten so used to what it’s been having for decades.
The Senegalese also have their own version and I must say, Africans sure know how to cook.
In Australia last year, at the Auburn Town Hall, Auburn, NSW; there was a jollof war competition in which my very own homegirl, Poroye, participated. if you know her very well, you’d know when it comes to cooking, she should be called a chef. Yes, I said so.πŸ˜„ 
So, Nigerian jollof won the competition held in Australia and took the trophy home.

The Nigerian cooks at the Jollof wars: TOPE ADEBOYEJO and POROYE BENSON ADEWUSI

What war will be on this Summer? Knowing that we already won the best jersey for the 2018 World Cup, might just cover up for 2018.😜
Stay Sparkling and do have an amazing weekend.


Meet a woman who had a dream of growing in her professional career but ended up as a businesswoman and life coach.
My name is Sherifat and I am a wife and mother who lives in Lagos State, Nigeria.
I studied Business Administration and had a dream of working either in the Telecoms sector or the Oil and Gas sector after school. Luckily I got a job in telecoms. I was elated that my dream had become a reality. But, alas, I had not thought about when I start having children.
It was a huge struggle juggling the home front with work, but I pushed as I loved my job and enjoyed what I did; even though me not been able to spend enough time with the kids and watch them grow was tearing at my heart.
a few years later, I was invited to a seminar being held by an international Sweedish company. At this time I was already a manager but was looking for a Plan B; a part-time means of earning an income.
As I listened to the speaker, I asked myself, what exactly I was doing there. I was definitely not ready to go into network marketing. Then the speaker asked; Who would like to look good like him. At this point, I was ready to head out of the place, but just then he asked another question. Who would like to make money and travel in and out of Nigeria two or three times a year? My ears popped up at this point and I became alert. In the end, I became a member. I now had my Plan B; a means of earning extra income on the side. 
A month after I started my side business, I lost my job. I was deflated but also so glad I had agreed to join in the network marketing business. Soon, I had turned it into a full-time business. I was dealing with cosmetic products. 
As I began to sell these products, I realised I was having a reaction and could not tell what I was reacting to. It affected my face and body. This got me in a panic. How do I sell cosmetic products with this face? There was a day I was trying to sell my products and one of the people I was speaking to said to me to go sort out my face first before coming to market my product. My husband also jokingly asked me who I had offended.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
At this point, I decided to actually use the products seriously. Followed all instructions and dedicated time to it. After the first two weeks, I was being asked what I was using. Another two weeks and my entire face and body were fully cleared.
People started recommending people to me and I started to explain about the product and before long, was training others on the product and getting people to join in just as I did.
Today, I am not in a career I had dreamt about, but I am glad I decided to go into business, and I am loving every minute of it. Yes, there are times that it gets stressful, but I enjoy what I do so it works for me.
Do not give up when your dreams don’t become your reality. Look for something to do to earn an income. There is always something to do.
Now, I am not just a businesswoman, but also an entrepreneur and a  life-changing coach.
You can contact Sherifat for more information on +2348033173554
Meet Sherifat Aliu. Doesn’t she just SPARKLE?