Tuesday, 26 June 2018


If you are one who loves great tasty food just like me, then I have just the place for you.

Meet two people who started their own food business and have taken Nigerian food to the next level.


Emeka  and Ifeyinwa Fredrick , a brother and a sister are co owners of Chuku's.
their dream started while they were very young.

Their first work  together as kids was to recite a whole script of their favorite film- Cool Runnings.

As adults, they decided to team up to work on their mutual love for food. Not just any kind of food, Nigerian food.

Chinese food, Brazilian food, Italian food, you name it: can be easily found across the City of London. But Nigerian food was not on the map . So they decided to do something very unique and different that would blend into the food map and would be enjoyed not just by Nigerians but by everyone from all over the world.

Emeka lived in Spain and whilst there, he fell in love with the relaxed and chilled experience of  tapas dining, on the other hand Ifeyinwa moved to the Caribbean however she found the pace a lot slower and relaxing in comparison to when she was living in London, which she appreciated.

They both returned to London and decided to put all they had acquired into good use: which was to create a spot were they can share the Nigerian cuisine and culture would be enjoyed and shared with no rush. A chill out, relax and chat kind of environment while eating.

And so, a London based pop-up shop was created called Chuku's tapas restaurant. A place to Chop (Nigerian pidgin word for the term Eat): Chat and Chill

CHUKU'S ;-   www.chukuslondon.co.uk

EMAIL:- info@chukuslondon.co.uk

You can also find Chuku's on Facebook for easy bookings.

See below  the Summer Series of their Pop-up June-August 2018.

Sisi Alero will definitely be visiting Chuku's this summer. Will I be seeing you there?


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    1. Thanks Sis. I will give a review on it when i go. You know i love my food. haha



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