Thursday, 21 June 2018


We all have dreams. Growing up, we planned to be someone awesome, get an amazing job, start our own business, get married, have kids and maybe get very rich.
For some, those dreams have become a reality. 

While for some they feel like they are a shadow of such dreams.
You look around you and see friends and family prospering, doing well and you think to yourself you have failed.
Wake up! Do not be dismayed.

Every living being was born on different days by different mothers at different times. 
We all have our time to be who we truly want to be. 

As long as you believe in yourself and work hard, you will succeed.

Strive hard for your goals and dreams. You may not get to the exact place you dreamt about, but you definitely will not be at the same position you started your journey at. 

Don't give up, don't stop believing.
Follow your dreams. You will Sparkle in the end.


  1. You so nailed here sparkles. Thank you for the remunder. 😍. I see you girl Xx

    1. Thank you dear Ivie. You have always been a source of encouragement and positivity. xx



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