Tuesday, 12 June 2018


The word "inclusion" is a word i have come to love. Most especially when it comes to children or young people with disabilities.

I love to see them included in activities and being spoken to or interacted with like every other child or person.

An organisation that feels the same is Lovely Heritage Down Syndrome (LHD). The organisation was founded by  Victoria Ibe. She has a son with Down Syndrome- Joshua Buraimoh.

To learn more about Lovely Heritage Down Syndrome, visit their website: www.lovelyheritage.org.uk

LHD provides support for parents and their children/family and also creates awareness on the condition of the children or young person and its management.

Though LHD is for children/people with Down Syndrome, they welcome anyone and everyone. inclusion is their goal.

Their aim is to create a society in which every individual is valued no matter their abilities.

Every last Saturday of the month, LHD holds an activity for kids and family at St Georges Community Centre in Manchester. The event is called "LET'S SHARE". This is a time of fun, relaxation and meeting up.

On the 30th of June, 2018. LHD will be having their Inauguration and Summer party. 
It will be a time of fun and laughter for the kids as well as parents. Everyone is invited.
A time to meet and make new friends.

Hope to see you all there because Sisi Alero will be there live and Sparkling.

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