Sunday, 10 June 2018


For some days now, all we have heard has been death, death, death. 
It's sad to hear someone took their life or someone has been stabbed to death.
Families all around mourn while some of us are rejoicing. This is the pattern of life.
The bible tells us that in ALL things we should give thanks.

That we are alive and well today, give thanks.

We may not have more than £2.73 in our account, or even know where our next meal will come from. Give thanks.
God is able to do just what He says he will do. So please, do not Give up on God because He will NEVER give up on you.

Trust in Him and believe that as you begin a new week, He will make things work for your good.

It is not easy, and will never be easy. 
Like me, when i am weighed down, i scream and shout and vent but i always say to God , i am still holding on to you. Nothing will make me take the alternative route. As tempting as it keeps getting.
Stay focused, Stay blessed and most of all,



  1. Yes trust in the Lord. He can never fail his children. Encouraged dear



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