ILYSM (I love you so much).
IJN (In Jesus name)
WULLNP (Wishing you long life and Prosperity)
IDK (I don’t know)
BRB (Be right back)
The list goes on and on and on.
I used to be one of those who could not send a message without abbreviations. 
One day, about seven or eight years ago; a friend of mine asked me if i could do without abbreviating. He found it irritating and so annoying that sometimes he would not respond to my message until i typed in full.
I never went back to it after that.
These days, abbreviations have become a new way to communicate especially amongst our youths and young children.
For some, it’s so bad it is affecting their spellings. 
You might think it is easy and fast, but it is actually destroying how people spell and put a sentence together.
Abbreviations have become social media slang, a communication code. It can be fun and interesting, but can also be very confusing when one cannot decode the abbreviation.
Remember, as a parent, you should be the one showing your child/children good examples. What will they be learning from you when you write everything in abbreviations?
Have fun writing in abbreviations, but ensure it does not cause you to have difficulty with your spelling.
It will go a long way if we all decide to go back to writing in full sentences.
Do you think you can do it? Can you spell words easily without getting confused after using abbreviations for so long?
Let’s get started and i would love to get your feedback on how it felt after your first day and then your first week.
Good grammar begins with practice. 
Practice makes perfect.
  Keep sparkling and Stay bright.

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