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A few days ago, i watched a program about three young ladies who were very unhappy with how small their breasts were.

One lady who already had two children felt so uncomfortable she did not like to go out of the house.
The program focused on three ladies and how they planned to solve the problem of having small breasts.

The first lady was not interested in surgery and so got a suction machine which she puts on for eleven(11) hours every day, and had to do that for three months. Of course it caused a strain in her relationship. But she was determined. She also took herbal pills to help fasten the process.

At the end of the three months, her breasts still looked the same.(well, to me it didn’t change)

The second lady wanted surgery (implants), but was not sure if she was ready. She tagged along with someone she met online to see how the procedure went and after which she would decide .
She changed her mind after seeing the process of the procedure and really thought it through. She stuck to her small breasts.

The third lady who didn’t like to venture out of the house, went to see a photographer who deals with women who have being raped or are insecure or have issues looking and loving their body.
After taking several pictures of her(mind you, this took hours and hundreds of pictures), she went home a changed person.

She started going out more and even took her daughters swimming. She felt more comfortable wearing a bikini and being able to love herself.

After watching this, it kind of reminded me of how people have suddenly gotten used to putting on extra to feel happy.( From makeup to wigs and everything in-between)
Some women can no longer leave their homes wearing their natural hair. If it’s not a wig then its a weave.

If the face has no makeup, there is no way some can go out.
I know these all make us as women look beautiful and look like divas. But,  do we really have to do it daily?

It has gotten so bad that some people despise their natural God given hair. they will not open their natural hair even in their own homes. This is crazy.

The other day, someone saw me with my natural hair and laughed ( a Nigerian woman). She said my hair looked horrible and dirty. I smiled and said to her it was her opinion.

I am a Nigerian and an African. I love my hair. I love who i am created to be.
I love the feel of being simple and natural.. That natural look makes every woman look young. Sometimes, younger than our real age.

Now, back to the story of small breasts.

I brought up this topic because it is something that i get picked at. I know some will think this is not to be discussed. It is a private kind of discussion. But hey, when people insult you about the way you look, they do not do it behind you.

Yes i do not have big breasts but i am blessed with the best possible size for me.
I hate bras, whoever invented them, i am sure did not have me in mind. lol

I love how i look and even though i do not mind, sometimes i get offended with the insults. So i understand why the ladies i discussed above felt the way they did.

In the end, we all as women, have to love ourselves as we are. No matter our size. I have tried forever to put on some extra kilos to no avail and gave up. Now, i have learnt to love how i look, and i have learned to dress in ways that make me happy.

Let us learn to be comfortable in our body. God did not make any mistake when He created each of us differently. We all look different for a reason. Use yours to your advantage.

Show love to your fellow woman. Encourage her, don’t bring her down with hurtful words. It will go a long way.

My name is Sisi Alero, i love me for me; and i Sparkle…


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