Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Hello everyone.
Hope we all had a lovely Easter and time off work?
It sure has been a while. Sorry, i have been offline for a while.
But it's great to be typing again and i sure have missed being on here.
I would like to use this opportunity to speak to those who are going through trying times, especially in health. Do not lose hope and try not to worry.
I know this because i used to have a PhD in worrying. Even up to last month. I was worried and panicking waiting for test results. Worried so much about my health and i was almost becoming paranoid. 
Then God put a song on my lips and His words in my heart.
He put amazing people around me and i just cannot stop being thankful.
As we are now in a new month, let us focus on the promises of God and keep a positive and focused mind. 
Looking forward to bringing you new stories and encouragement in Christ.
Stay blessed and Keep Sparkling.

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