Thursday, 28 December 2017


As we begin a new year, Don't reflect on the things you still have not achieved, but rather focus on achieving your dreams and goals.

It does not matter if others you know have gone past you or if you have failed a few times.
As Dr Edwin Land said- 'An essential part of creativity is, not being afraid to fail'
Failure does not mean it's the end. Keep pushing, don't give up.

Let us go into the New Year with hopes, dreams, great visions. Believing in ourselves and what we intend to achieve.

I have had a few people mock me and try to make me feel bad in regards to my blog. Rather than feel bad, i cut myself off from them.

Take note: You do not need any negative person/s around you. You do not need anyone who puts you down. Rather, move with those who encourage and inspire you. People who have your best interest at heart. Positive minded people.

2018 will certainly come with loads of transformations for me. I am already celebrating.

Join me, let's make this New Year the best one ever.

Stay Sparkling.

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