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There are days we all just want to give up,  let go.
We get so frustrated and cannot seem to understand why things are not working as planned.
Why we just cannot have a normal life like the next person.

We feel lost, all alone. You say to yourself, there is nobody who truly cares or understands.
One thing is certain,  everyone is going through one trial or another.

Some may have more burden than others, but no one is free from trials/problems.
How we handle it when we go through such trials is what makes us who we are and who we become.
For those who know me, they know I have a PhD in worrying.  I worry about simple things, I worry about difficult things.

So far, I haven’t been able to solve anything from my worrying.

Now, I’m learning to relax, it’s hard though I must say. Especially because I like to plan things ahead and want things to be in a certain kind of way. When I don’t have it that way, it becomes really frustrating.

So, as the year draws closer to an end, let us take the time to slow down; relax.  Be thankful for the little things as well as the big things we have been able to achieve.
Do not complain or get angry that you did not achieve your goals or desires. Remember,  some who begun the race in January did not make it this far. 
Some who made it,  are stuck in hospital beds or have been told they have a short time to live.

You, my dear friend; you’re still alive and well.  Which means you still have the time, energy and opportunity to pursue your dreams, desires and aspirations.

Be thankful to God for all He has done and trust that He will see you through to attain all of your dreams and visions.

Whatever you have not achieved, look ahead.  2018 will surely bring you good tidings.
Keep rejoicing, keep pushing and stay Sparkling.

Sisi Alero

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