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Watching her parents wave goodbye as the car drives off, Omasan knew it would be best to find a place to hide.
She runs to her bedroom and shuts the door. Sadly, the door had no key or lock.
Hiding inside the wardrobe, she tries to stay as quiet as she could, she is breathing very hard.
After what felt like an eternity, she hears her room door being opened. A tiny sound escapes from her lips. She knows she has given herself away and covers herself with her clothes folded in the wardrobe.
She hears the wardrobe door open. Silent tears run down her cheeks. He pulls her out and walks her to the bed.
Uncle loves you very much. Why do you keep running away from me? I’ll get you the toy your mummy said she couldn’t get you.
Uncle, please stop. It hurts too much. I don’t want to play with you anymore she cries.
But he is not listening. He does what he always does when she is kept in his care. He rapes her.
Omasan is seven(7) years old and has been going through abuse from her uncle for months.
She had tried telling her mum, but her mum beat her instead for telling lies and told her she would no longer be getting her the toy she promised her until she learnt to stop lying.
Omasan has had to endure being raped regularly by her uncle. She was always in pain.
She had no one to tell or talk to. Her dad was rarely around and besides, she thought. If my mum does not believe me, who else would.
Omasan went through this evil act from her wicked uncle until the age of 9 when he moved out.
The only reason he moved out was because her mum saw him grabbing her breasts in the kitchen and saying to her she was growing up fast.
After he mum saw this, she never spoke of it or acted like anything happened rather, she carried on like it never happened.
Omasan was happy and relieved to be free of him. But she did not get to enjoy it for too long.
Her mum got a relative to come stay with them as she was always at work and her dad always travelling due to his business, they needed someone to be home with her.
This time, it was an aunt who she had never met before. Well, Omasan thought, she’s a woman. I’m safe.
A few months went by and she got to really like aunty Wina. Aunty Wina helped her with school work, assisted her in anything she needed and she was like her best friend.
Even her mum saw the changes in her. She was more confident and more outspoken. She was doing better in her school work too.
Aunty Wina had been living with them for almost a year now. She was a star in the eyes of Omasan.
So, when one night they were home alone and her parents had travelled. She did not see anything wrong when aunty Wina asked her to come sleep in her room.
Later that night Omasan woke up to the feeling of something in between her legs, right were her uncle always touched. She went cold. Am i dreaming? is he here?
It took a few seconds to realise it was aunty Winas hand. What are you doing aunty she screamed as she tried to pull away.
Aunty Wina did not say anything. She grabbed my head and asked me to suck her breast.
No aunty, please stop. Why are you doing this. Do it or I’ll strangle you she says to me.
The things she did to me and what she made me do, i cannot speak of.
It has been over a year now and she still abuses me when she wants.
Now, i feel like dying. I don’t want to live anymore. I hate myself. I hate my body and i hate my parents. Why did they have me if they do not love me.
How can they not see what i am going through? How?
If tomorrow, you hear that a young girl named Omasan killed herself. You’ll know why.
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