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“She walks into the bedroom looking for her friend. There’s nobody in the room. As she turns to leave, he walks in and locks the door.

What do you think you’re doing? She asks. He pays no attention and walks towards her.
She walks backwards till there’s nowhere to go. He grabs her and throws her on the bed.
I want you he says. I love you so much its driving me crazy. I can’t get you out of my head.

She pleads with him, tears running down her face. Don’t do this. Please, i beg you.
She hears her gown rip as he pulls at it.

I am on my period she pleaded again; please, i am on my period. She continues to cry out on the top of her voice. He appears lost and does not stop. Even the blood does not stop him.

Open this door, ”bro please open the door”, screams his sister. She is banging and screaming at the same time.

This time, he stops and after a few seconds begins to weep and pulls away. But it’s too late. The deed has been done. He tells her he is very sorry.

He gets up and starts to leave. Just as he unlocks the door, he says to her; it’s because i love you, you know.

He brushes past his sister whilst she runs to her friend who is weeping profusely on the bed. They hold on to each other as they cry.

I am so sorry for what my brother has done. Please forgive him, i beg you she says to her friend.

She gets up and tries to make herself look as decent as she can.
She feels cold and drained.
Without saying a word to her friend, she walks out and heads home.

Getting home, she could not understand why he had done it. If he says he loves me; why would he try to rape me she thought. He is my friend’s brother. he has asked me out a few times and i have politely told him i was not interested. i have only just turned 19 and he is a few years older.
What he feels cannot be love but lustful desires.

She never reported it and never spoke of it every again. She told herself it never happened.
She was never able to stay friends with his sister after that day.

A few years later, she heard he had gone to jail for raping a young lady. She was shocked and then felt extremely guilty and angry at the same time.

She should have reported him years ago. Maybe this would not have happened. But the thought of anyone knowing felt so shameful. Who would believe she did not instigate it? Most importantly, who would have believed her?

No, she thought. It was best i never said anything.

Even though she feels justice has been served to him, she still lives with her secret. Her hidden scars”

The above story is what some girls,ladies, women have gone through.

Do not hide from the truth. Seek help. If you cannot confide in your mother, or a close friend or relative; then go to a doctor or a counsellor.

Go for check up as well. You never know what infections could be passed on, and to also avoid pregnancy.

I”ve heard a few stories going around and I wonder what would posses any one to think raping a lady is a sign of love..

Please women, do not share such a heavy burden alone.

Do not allow any boy or man steal your sparkle.


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